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  Posted: Jul 10, 2012 7:46 PM FEED
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Still one of my all time favorites even with George Clooney's shitty tribals. Saw this at a young age and I think it made me love gore and boobs

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Big thanks to @flatblakgallery for hosting such a killer opening! 🍻🍕✨ Some people at the opening seemed to dig my explanation of this "Hang Loose" piece so here she blows: The cosmic skull in the top left corner is smashing apart in space with one of its eyeballs shooting out. It's tongue is licking a psychedelic vagina which is discharging a wave of "squirt". The other eyeball from the skull makes its return on a surfboard riding thru space 🌌👁🤙 Check out the full @swampwizards x @pizzapartyhq tapestry collection on @flatblakgallery 's website or in the actual gallery in PDX. I got Riso prints of this at too 🍻
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