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_hokulea_ 275w ago
Mi familia :)

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Who knew that after ten years you could be deeper in love, more inspired, and feeling like this is just the beginning? Love life with you by my side @soulsteady #tenyears
“On the glorious splendor of your majesty, and on your wonderful works, I will meditate.” Psalm 145:5 #herewith
We had the most amazing time celebrating our 10 year anniversary on Kauai this weekend. We are so blessed by those who have guided us and cheered us on along the way. We looked back and are in awe of the incredible things God has done in our lives. We look forward to continually growing, discovering and loving more deeply. Thank you to those who have been a beautiful part of our story. We love you guys! #tenyears
When Tuesday has you dreaming about the weekend. #luckywelivehawaii
There is so much beauty to behold. And it is often right at our fingertips. Awakened to grace that speaks, we have abundantly more than we could ever need, has left my cup brimmingly full.
Levi got to meet his great grandparents for the first time today. And I learned that on top of being Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese and Yugoslavian, I'm also German, Irish, and Italian. Blessed to have shared this special moment with my family. #ohana #heritage
Happiest of birthdays to @soulsteady ❤️❤️❤️ I love that I get to experience life by your side. Almost ten years and still falling more and more in love with you. #hbd
Only when we are able to “let go” of everything within us, all desire to see, to know, to taste and to experience the presence of God, do we truly become able to experience that presence with the overwhelming conviction and reality that revolutionize our entire inner life. - Thomas Merton
Discovered this quote after I got the tattoo, but felt like it beautifully captured the essence of why I decided to go with this phrase.
@pacificsoultattoohawaii @paulo_pacificsoultattoo
Commemorating 33 years of life, and looking forward to the best that is just ahead.
Celebrating 33 years. Happy Birthday to me 🎶
Can't believe @leviisawesome starts middle school on Monday! It's been an absolute joy watching him grow into a new season of life where he has his own opinions, convictions, and ever growing questions. Love love love this kid. ❤️❤️❤️ #growingup
We recollect to gather back the fleeting moments of life, that have more to say to us, than our initial experience, or translation of them. It is in this second gathering, or our re-collection of such moments, that often reveal the hidden wisdom drawing us closer to our truest selves. #liftedcreatives