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ekks 275w ago
Those words... that flag... and yet right now as a nation we're fighting over/for both on our own soil in 2012.

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ekks 108w ago
#Vintage Finds at Estate Sales = Priceless.

There's a military flight book from 1945 in there, for instance. And everything you see is made in #America.
ekks 108w ago
Screens on the door but not on the porch. Sad to see so many historic homes go to waste in this place.
ekks 108w ago
My friendly #toad Fat Bastard had babies? But, I'm not sure who is going to eat who,
Because... along came a spider.
ekks 108w ago
"All that glitters is gold.
Only shooting stars break the mold." #Fortune #FortuneCookie
ekks 108w ago
I hit my head on this lamp... an ode to my Mer Mer.
ekks 108w ago
It is a choice.
It isn't. It is. It isn't. Is it?
ekks 108w ago
Once again there was a moment that I believed her when she said, "You are the sun." #SkyPorn #Clouds #CloudPorn #DarkVsLight #AlwaysLookUp
ekks 108w ago
The death of a tree is such a sad thing to see.
#Nature #Trees #Sickness