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I keep finding things that match my hair.
I love when my hair matches the things I put in my tummy.
I was going to do something important, but this one wanted cuddles.
People underestimate how fat Luna actually is. Here she is next to her sister.
Not quite the burgundy red that I was going for, but I never say no to pink.
I'm dying my hair and can't choose. Which should i go for?
Happy first day of Spring. 🌸🌸🌸
Aaah another tattoo give away. I'd love a slowpoke curled up and gnawing on its own tail. #stefspokemongiveaway
Layla is NOT happy with this picture, or with selfies in general. She especially hates cutesy filters.
Is it normal for therapists to try to lick your face? Asking for a friend.