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  Posted: Jul 10, 2012 2:12 PM
226 Amaro
Burning man 2010. The storm breaks

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Friday Night Fights
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Second batch of Joshua Tree
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Tomorrow is the second annual Second Line for Equal Justice. Secondline 1-5pm starting and Kermits Mother in Law Lounge, rally at 3pm at the Criminal District Court at Tulane and Broad. Louisiana remains the incarceration capital of the world. Working in the New Orleans Public Defenders office last year as a medical intern really changed my perception of the justice system in america but particularly in Louisiana. Even growing up in a household where my father was a lawyer and I worked in journalism for several years, I was still surprised at how the system in Louisiana resembles essentially an apartheid debtors prison. I have never seen such a concentration of bond companies as New Orleans. Because bonds are set so routinely high most people are forced to remain in jail awaiting there trial. Conditions in a jail are worse than prison. Jails were meant to be temporary and so there is often very little legislation to guide the treatment of prisoners. If your bond is set at 20k you pay a bondsman 10-15% which you never get back and they put up the rest. The incentive for the prisoner is to plead to a lesser charge just to get out of jail. Very very few people actually go to trial. It can take years to get there. Years spent in jail. Basically a siege. Hundreds of thousands of poor, nonviolent men and women here and across the country are jailed before any proof of guilt has been offered, solely because they cannot afford to pay the bail. Only the United States and the Philippines allow cash bail. The rest of this piece is an amalgam of quotes and facts from other reports and journalistic sources "Unusually tough sentencing laws are one major reason Louisiana has the highest incarceration rate in the world. Brian Martin is serving 24 years behind bars -- without the possibility of parole -- for a car burglary His attorney, persuaded prosecutors to consider only the two most recent car break-ins, taking a life sentence off the table, but doubling the 12-year maximum for a first-timer. n Texas, no bastion of liberalism, a two-time car burglar would be guilty of a misdemeanor and sentenced to a maximum of six months. Continues in comments
User Image quinnmb Posted: Nov 2, 2017 2:58 PM (UTC)
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First batch of photos from my Joshua Tree trip 2 weeks ago. Lovely to sleep in a tent again. It's been a while.
Also tonight is the opening night of a photo and music event in New Orleans called The Sexism Project organized and photographed by @katiesikphoto. It's at the preservation hall starting at 11pm and has several performances and opening times throughout the weekend. Friday 11am-3pm then 11pm-2am and Sunday at those same times. I'll be there, should be a good time. More details on the website
The Sexism Project is an ongoing oral interview and photographic portrait series beginning with female subjects in the New Orleans music community with the hopes of growing to include different subjects in different communities throughout the world.

The tenants of The Sexism Project are based on experience, awareness, trust, individuality, community, and progression. Share, understand, and embrace the differences in experience from your neighbor. Open your mind to the experiences of others. Live in their shoes and see what they see.
Garner an awareness of your own actions, what they mean and how they affect, how they perpetuate, how they perpetuate for the better or for the worse.
Trust in the stories of those around you even if those stories are not your own. Utilize trust over suspicion.
Recognize the differences from individual to individual. Celebrate those differences. Worship those differences.
Forge bonds that support the creation of a community made up of individuals and those differences.
Repeat steps one through five. Progress. Progress. Progress.

The first installment of The Sexism Project featuring portraits of and interviews with 60 women in the New Orleans music community will be presented in an exhibition at the one and only Preservation Hall in the heart of the French Quarter.
Preservation Hall was established in 1961 to honor one of America’s truest art forms – traditional New Orleans jazz. Operating as a music venue, a touring band, and a non-profit organization, Preservation Hall continues its mission today as a cornerstone of New Orleans music and culture and is ringing in its 57th year with the annual S
Fats Domino second line
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New Orleans Lake front
Getting Ritualistic this weekend at Voodoo. Highlights from years past
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Friday Night Fights with New Orleans legends, the man the myth the mystery @melontao , @whodatcd, @themaskof_zereaux Jeremy Hill and Noberto Perez among many others. Next one November 10