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Still flying hydrated w free water. Families plan ahead, save money, enjoy more.

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Celebrating 15 years of 'Waiting For My Rocket To Come' at Spreckels Theatre. (Link to full video by @jeffcoffmanfilm in my bio.)
WFMRTC is available on vinyl Nov 17th. Pre-order now at
Sugar. Butter. Soon! Catch me in @waitressmusical starting November 3rd.
WFMRTC is 15 years old today. The chicken gets a learner's permit.
(Available on vinyl Nov 17th. Pre-order now at
Looking forward to this last show of the year tonight celebrating 15 years of Waiting For My Rocket To Come. Here's something that would've made no sense in 2002: I'll be posting my first Insta story today. See you there.
(Animation by @mattattack426)
Congrats to @just_inluck and @ifarmerscott & my amazing @mrazfamilyfarms team for helping our final piece of farmland achieve its organic certification today! #mrazfamilyfarms
Big thanks to @jessebillauer, @sierradeaton & @alexkinsey , @coldplay, and all the many sponsors, volunteers, and contributors for a night to remember for @liferollsonfoundation
My journey to Broadway has begun. Thank you Universe.
Waiting For My Rocket To Come - on vinyl this Nov 17th. Pre-order now at (Link in bio)
"Hey, Orange Balls!" Happy Birthday Daddy NoBucks @billygalewood. I've loved you since you didn't love me in musical theatre college. It's been an honor to hold (and slap) hands for 22 years. Thank you for being my constant friend. Keep that weight up buddy. I love you. xo
I got quizzed by @bwolfepack about my upcoming role in @WaitressMusical. How'd I do?
Sugar. Butter. Excited to make my Broadway debut in @WaitressMusical starting November 3! Tickets to see me as Dr. Pomatter are available now at
Join me, along with @alexandsierramusic, on Saturday, October 7 to shine a light on @liferollsonfoundation.
Last week I participated in the first ever Evryman Expedition; a week-long adventure in and around Yellowstone National Park. Carrying only the bare essentials on my back (and bear spray on my hip) I was quickly introduced to what comforts I do and don't need - and what muscle groups I've been neglecting. The experience was life affirming - especially when constantly scanning for grizzlies. Every man that participated went home changed for the better; better wilderness skills, better husband skills, better posture. Highlights included rafting the Gallatin River, camping on a remote lake deep in the park, swimming with leaches, and climbing Electric Peak, the tallest peak in the Gallatin Range. None of that compared though to the level of friendship, openness, and brotherhood that developed within our group. It was electric. Especially for a softy like me who never felt welcome in fraternities or masculine groups. Maybe that's surprising to you but my mind often plays tricks on me and limits my abilities. Here's a perfect example:

On an airplane recently I caught a gentleman staring at me. He was beardy and physically masculine. My brain made up that he was judging me - or perhaps stealing looks at my wife. I was feeling small and insecure. Then he tapped me on the shoulder and said, "you're the man." Moral of the story:
Don't believe everything you think.

Follow @_evryman_ and their podcast for more about their work opening the hearts of men. Their next event is a weekend in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts.