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Fs: 1991 Daihatsu Hijet. 53000km 5 speed. Titled. Street legal. Fuel efficient. Fun. Guaranteed to get you kisses. Jdm as fuck. $5000usd #chopperswapper #kei #keitrucks #party
Putting out a feeler on these engraved gas caps I'm doing. $50 a piece. Doing bayonet caps for now. Can do newer styles if there's a demand. Can also do your designs if you have something you want done. 8147622726 #chopperswapper #chopperpartsforyou
Make a plan to make something local happen. Some of my friends are throwing this little event in Altoona on the 22nd. Make a plan for a little Sunday ride. #creeptoberfest @chopcult
Complete 41mm chrome shovelhead wideglide $500 plus shipping. Located outside of Pittsburgh, Pa. 8147622726 @chopperpartsforyou @chopperswapper #chopperswapper #chopperpartsforyou
Anyone want any of this shit? Dm me offers shipped. Located outside of pittsburgh. #chopperswapper #chopperpartsforyou @chopperswapper @chopperpartsforyou
Rode a bunch of bikes. Fixed a bunch of bikes. Found a Semi show. Climbed rocks. Blew up an ironhead. Rode nuts to butts. Froze my ass off. 090917
I always open time to shoot bikes and they look better than your sisters friend who's a photographer. She sucks. Let's party. #betterdays #swingarmy #blackshovels #shovelhead #choppershit #motorcyclephotography #motorcyclesasart #deathtoshittyphotographers #mycameratakesgoodpictures
Ever see a Husky 701 do a burnout on top of an ambulance?
Sorry about your parking lot. You're welcome for the art.