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  Posted: Jul 9, 2012 11:14 PM FEED
0 Hudson

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For my 9 month birthday I invited everyone in Florida to this pumpkin patch. They all showed up. #FBruinedpumpkinfarms
Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the shiniest new floor of them all? #nba #miamiheat #charlottehornets #mygettyoffice
Get. Me. Out of here. It's not all button downs and bow ties. #babyjail #iwantout #likerightnow
It's cool to be able to witness the awesomeness and insanity that is being a twin. Plus she laughs at everything I say. #twins #sissys #doublemintgum
@justinthomas34 and I had a solid day yesterday. Seeing him win since covering him as a junior is a cool thing. @gettyimages @gettysport #mygettyoffice
2 1/2 mil high at 400 yards. Wind 1/4 value moving east to west. Send it. I thought we'd work on windage and elevation seeing how we have camouflage dialed in.
My first trip to Naples was a success. I ordered room service, Caesar salad w/ grilled shrimp, I met a girl at dinner and she dug me, took a long bath and curled up in my robe. My dad told me how many nights he has to spend in a Courtyard to afford a night at the Ritz but I think it's worth it. Thanks Mom and Dad. #reidmichaele #naples #roughlife #killingit
Freddy Galvis of the @phillies looks on. I'm not positive that he's actually looking on but I use it all the time so whatever. And it's #blackandwhite #mygettyoffice