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My babies posing with their slippers on. #twins #family #love

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Shout out to my guy @spencermunson for the heads up on the @thenumerogroup pop up shop! The guys at numero were super cool! If your around for their tour check them out! Word to @thehifihouse for putting this on! M.A.S.O. : Poon Tang Thump is the dopeness on display here!
This right here! Every morning me and my girls sing Love Ballad but I didn't have the album. One of my girls say I want you to get it. I had been digging for this for a long time. That weekend I found 2! Being I have twins it's kind of ironic. To my girls, Loving you gave me something new that I never felt before!
Old Market this weekend with the girls and my Moms and they're Grandpa. #twins #love #family #Thompsontwins
Is it a dinosaur? Is it a Snapping Turtle? It's what I do in meetings! #doodle #worklife
That first day of school life! ❤️ I will never be able to express how thankful I am to be blessed with these two Lil ThunderCats! Dad love ya'll!!!
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#twins #twinlife #dadlife #firstdayofschool #love
Had to pull this Lou Donaldson out this morning! The cover is beat but the vinyl is pristine! #jazz #atcq
Me and my babies at the pool. JoJo is super tired. Lol! My Loves ❤️😊 #twins #love #dadlife #family
Marvin hits every mood. Marvin is the medicine. I dig the live album because there is something about hearing the crowd go crazy and the live band. Dope! #marvingaye
New Pickup. I had to get this! Marlena Shaw looking amazing and the title! Yup, you coming home with me baby!
I love this album! Everybody was crazy about Whoa but Can I Live was my sheeeiiittt!!
OG sample of Common - Testify. This video was so dope! Produced by Kanye.
French Disco!!! Saint Tropez! Belle De Jour contains the sample for Prodigy's H.N.I.C. #ripprodigy #prodigy
Whenever life gets tough and I feel a little low I always put this record on and remember that #Godmademefunky
Herbie Hancock Headhunters!!! Latest pick-up.