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Trees. Mountains. Breeze. A living room I did not want to leave.
Visiting the first two Solo Houses to be built by Christian and Eva up in the Catalonian mountain ranges a couple of hours north of Barcelona. This incredible symmetrical concrete home by Sophia and Pezo of Chilean studio Pezo Von Ellrichshausen floats above the forest floor and is an architectural work of art. #solohouses
Stopping for lunch in little Spanish villages. Picasso lived around these parts for a while. You can see why.
I post pictures of people so rarely that when I do, friends ask with genuine concern (and genuine sarcasm) if my account has been hacked. Fair enough, but when this South American family walked by us having lunch in the Mission District a few weekends ago I really wanted to take their photo. They couldn't understand why I would want to and I'm not sure either, they just had something about them. They were three generations who are clearly proud of where they come from, all beautifully dressed and seemed so happy to be going wherever they were going together. They just stood out as something remarkable; not easily done in the visual overload that is San Francisco. If anyone knows what part of South America they might be from I'd love to know. I need to visit that country.
Looking over garden walls at an impressive pumpkin harvest a couple of weekends ago in Italy. That middle squash is the size of the table. Would def eat whatever they were going to make with it. #flashbacksunday
Just got in to a wet and grey Berlin and already regretting not staying here longer. I could easily live in Italy. I would get very fat, but be very happy.
The little launch that brings people to and from their boats to the beach club. One of its recent trips was out to a super yacht the size of a small island.
Early morning Sorrento. Averaging four swims a day.
Beautiful English autumn afternoon with the three amigos trying to tag along to the pub for Sunday lunch. Only 7 months old so still foals, all legs and excited energy. Not long now until they are yearlings and double the size. More pictures of them on stories.
Looking through photos of our weekend in the Alps last month. Would be nice to spend another Sunday here.
Our West Coast trip is coming to an end, and I really don't want it to.
The weird and wonderful architecture of San Francisco. This is tame compared to some of the buildings we've seen.
I've worked with Aesop for a long time and have visited many of their stores around the world. All are individual, interesting and always inspiring, with a strong sense of place. The Fillmore Street location is a new favourite.
The plan this year was try and choose a new city to settle in (mainly so I can get a dog) and to endeavour to not keep visiting the same places over and over (still love you Paris) because there is so much of the world left to visit. San Francisco is spannering all of those works; would definitely move here and if that doesn't happen, will come back as often as possible to visit the people, the restaurants and the sea lions.
Proper room keys complete with tassel and personalised 'in residence' stationary. Some hotels just get it. #chateaumarmont
Tokyo owned 'best hotel bed view' for a long time, but I think I have a new number one. L.A. sundown views for miles, @thelinehotel.
"More than 100 years ago, developer Abbot Kinney conceived the mad idea of building a "Venice of America," a cultural Valhalla dedicated to the fine arts, complete with canals, gondolas and imported Italian gondoliers. The experiment failed, and the gondoliers went home, but the canals remain and are a splendid place to take a walk." Charles Fleming. L.A Times