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  Posted: Jul 9, 2012 6:21 AM
21 X-Pro II

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User Image wooz Posted: Nov 16, 2017 5:19 PM (UTC)
73 Ludwig
wooz 1d ago
LINK IN BIO! I recently had the opportunity to shoot 🎬 with the @vampped crew in #maldives and #srilanka 🙌🌴 it easily became one of the most incredible experiences in my life and I really hope you guys go check it out and let me know what you think 🙏🤙 huge shoutout to everyone involved in the video @dolcelins @robertgraham @ben.edelstein @gabbyepstein @kristinaschulman @sjanaelise @bridget @caro_e_ @aaron_woolf_haxton @bahamasphotographer
wooz 3d ago
I have so many @kristinaschulman photos 😂🌅🔥 life’s been pretty good recently #grateful 🙏 there is so much to learn in doing what I do. Just constantly working to get better and keeping a good energy around yourself is everything 🔑
wooz 5d ago
What’s the one place you’d like to shoot above all others!? 📸🤔 going back to New Zealand and shooting timelapses ⏱ in the mountains is def one of mine 🌄 just taking a camper around South Island and shooting sunsets and sunrises 😴💭 who’s coming with me?
wooz 1w ago
Turtleee turtleee 🐢😜 thinking about doing another giveaway! 🎊 who else is counting down until turkey day like me!? 🦃 #FoodComaEngage
wooz 1w ago
I dunked on @jakobowens and @derekowensheart like it was nothing on this rim 😂🌴 absolutely loved San Fran over the last couple days 🌉 I wish I could have spent more time there but I’ll be back soon to explore 🙌
wooz 1w ago
Been away from the gram for a couple days shooting 🎬 up in sonoma 🤙 super thankful for all the opportunities I’ve been given, I have a ton of stuff to post that I’ve been workn on over the last couple months that I just can’t yet 👍🔥 @hellonica - 🙋
wooz 1w ago
Whoever’s tryn to squad up on COD, shoot me a dm and let’s get it 🤘🎮 I play on Xbox btw 🤙 adventures coming soon! NorCal tomorrow 🎬 and go see #thor 🙌 I saw it last night and it’s easily the funniest marvel movie 😂
wooz 2w ago
Hope everyone had an awesome #halloween 🤡🎃🙌 throwback to the most epic sunset ever in #srilanka with the @vampped crew 🤘 @kristinaschulman - 🙋
wooz 2w ago
Thanks for the love on my 1000th instapost 🙌 a little life update: currently finishing up a work edit here in Phoenix 🏜 have NorCal, Charlotte, and Miami all this month which I’m super pumped about. Can’t beat moms cookin back east for my favorite holiday 😜🦃 also shout out to one of my best friends @lumberzak who just turned 26 🎊🎉 he’s a guy who sacrificed everything to chase his dream and couldn’t be happier for him for crushing it the last couple years 🙏🤘⛳️🏌️
User Image wooz Posted: Oct 28, 2017 12:51 PM (UTC)
147 Ludwig
wooz 2w ago
#1000... when I started #instagram I don’t even think I owned a camera yet. I was in school using the gram to sell and trade Jordan’s 😅 (you can scroll all the way back, I haven’t deleted shit 😂) feeling thankful and blessed to have the followers I do 🙏 cheers 🍻 to everyone, let’s keep this wild ride going 🙌 have a fun and safe #Halloween
wooz 3w ago
You only have 1 life people! 😳🙌 the clock is ticking ⏰ put yourself around good people and experience as much as you can! 🙏🤙 #goals my next post will be my "1000th"! 😱 what's it gunna be??? 😜
wooz 3w ago
Blade Runner 🔪🏃 @evelina 👊💥 hope everyone is having an awesome weekend 🙌 anyone out in AZ going to lost lake!? 🤘 super excited to see my boy @onlyfuturistic and @odesza kill it today 🔥🙏
wooz 4w ago
Nothing like staying up til 6am working on projects! 🎬🏝about to crashhh 😴 #tgif 🙌 dreaming about being in the clouds 💭☁️ @filmsbylevi
wooz 4w ago
@ben.edelstein 's tinder profile pic for sureeeee🤘🌅🏝 the NBA season has now begun and I am peaking happiness 😊 that is until I watched Gordon Haywards foot go 90 degrees the wrong direction last night on live tv 🤢 #vamppedtours
User Image wooz Posted: Oct 16, 2017 2:43 PM (UTC)
13 Ludwig
wooz 1M ago
Been grinding this #Maldives x #Srilanka video last few days 🎬 it's a 15 hour timeline so fml 😂 unfortunately have to step back here the next couple days for some shoots 🎥 excited for you guys to see it, super proud 🙌🙌🤘🤘 @vampped #vamppedtours @shangrilamaldives
User Image wooz Posted: Oct 14, 2017 7:08 PM (UTC)
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wooz 1M ago
In front of the camera... @kristinaschulman crushing it with an insane Maldivian sunset in the background 🏝🌅 behind the camera... me fully clothed with water up to my chin, holding my camera to my face like an inch above the water 😂😂😂 just a fuckn mess. We were extremely close to missing the sunset light so I literally just jumped in with my camera 🤙🤘📸 #doitforthegram #vamppedtours #shangrilamaldives
User Image wooz Posted: Oct 12, 2017 1:40 PM (UTC)
37 Ludwig
wooz 1M ago
Had such an epic time last week 🏝🙌 never had jet lag this bad before, I'm like tired and fatigued but wide awake it's crazy 😫 would do it million times for views like this 🤘🤙 @vampped @dolcelins @robertgraham @sjanaelise @gabbyepstein @bahamasphotographer @kristinaschulman @aaron_woolf_haxton love and miss you guys. Hopefully catch up again real soon 👌 #maldives #vamppedtours
User Image wooz Posted: Oct 10, 2017 3:34 PM (UTC)
18 Normal
wooz 1M ago
After the longgg ass travel back to the states, I landed in LA and went straight to see Blade Runner 🔫(which was amazing), crashed 😴 woke up yesterday morning ready to drive up to Sonoma to shoot for another week. Praying for everyone up there 🙏 the place is literally covered in fire. Drove back to Phoenix and got in late last night. The last 2 weeks have been incredible and am getting straight to editing! 🎬🖥 staying humble while focusing on getting better 🙌🤙
User Image wooz Posted: Oct 8, 2017 1:46 PM (UTC)
31 Ludwig
wooz 1M ago
Just landed in London and about to hop on another 12 flight to la. Super grateful for the trip I just ended with @vampped 🙌🤙🏝 so much to edit and show you guys! Just edited this on my last flight and think it came out well 🤘🌌 #kiawahisland #galaxy #milkyway
User Image wooz Posted: Oct 5, 2017 7:25 PM (UTC)
37 Normal
wooz 1M ago
Just got done texting @kristinaschulman that this could honestly be my favorite photo ive ever taken 😬🌅 and for a lot of reasons. You can quickly look at my Insta and figure out that landscapes are what I shoot mostly. But I've said this on here a million times, I want to be good at everything. Everything. This was one of the craziest sunsets of my life on one of the craziest trips of my life and I just think this came out perfect. Doesn't hurt to have Kristina who freakn crushes it like every time ready to go 🙌😆 Appreciative @vampped @shangrilahotels #vamppedtours