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megs79 3w ago
First school holiday adventure. Very funny. Kids loved it. Thanks @clareeve for the tix xxoo
megs79 3w ago
Not cool Woolworths. Not cool
megs79 6w ago
Book week dress up at school today. 3 Patty Mills (awesome Aussie NBA player) Loving the books @balapat @lisaphilrylou
megs79 11w ago
Next book. Just finished Wonder and loved it. We'll see how this one goes #readingincarswithboys
megs79 13w ago
Discovered some painted rocks in the park next to our local library today and have stumbled across a fantastic little thing called #vicrocks - people paint/decorate rocks and leave them in parks and playgrounds for people to find. So cool and the kids are all keen to paint our own and find more. Love stuff like this.
megs79 14w ago
Happy 10th birthday Joel. Lover of life and all things basketball 🏀and @goulding43 biggest fan.
megs79 14w ago
Joel's birthday cake for his party today. Very happy with how it turned out. Had to be the Melbourne United jersey of his favourite player @goulding43 #cg43 #hurrybackbasketball
megs79 15w ago
Nothing like an emergency trip to the dentist with Noah on the last day of school. Noah copped an elbow to the mouth this morning while the boys were wrestling 🙄 #itsnotevenholidaysyet
megs79 19w ago
Next book. Loved Still Alice - let's hope this one is as good #readingincarswithboys
megs79 20w ago
Shoelace tying lessons with his oldest cousin Jessie.
megs79 21w ago
The orthodontic journey has started today in our house. This gorgeous dude has four braces on his top front teeth and some wiring at the back of his bottom teeth. He did so well and was so brave. So proud of him. Now to get a second job #byebyemoney #helloniceteeth
megs79 21w ago
Always seem to start a new book at swimming lessons #readingincarswithboys