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  Posted: Jul 9, 2012 12:18 AM FEED
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Yes that is Trin with a lid to a pringles can in her mouth. #crazyteenagers

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I don't often have time to work on custom orders, and I haven't made kits in what seems like forever, but when a long time customer asked if I could put together a Halloween inspiration box for her, I couldn't resist. And geez, I forgot how much I really love curating kits!
This box is mostly black and ivory with a hint of pale orange or peach, and is filled to the brim with enough vintage goodness to create multiple projects. (Junk journals, #octoberdaily , cards, wall art, etc)
So while I had the supplies out, I made a couple extra boxes, a couple extra stuffed pockets, and popped them into my etsy shop. Swipe to see more photos, and click the link in my bio to get a list of contents. (Or to pick one up for yourself, if you gotta have it, too. 😘) 🎃♥🎃♥
I just unpacked a bag of stuff I'd missed from the #worldslongestyardsale this summer, and fell in love with all of these gorgeous paper finds all over again. Can't wait to have time to make something with them!
Pretty new paper finds! My favorites are the French fabric sample cards and the sweet French notebook. Also, wait until I share with you the amazing antique French ledgers I found! I'll try and photograph those tomorrow.
The absolute sweetest happy mail from ! Have y'all seen the really cute quilted tn's she makes? Right up my alley with vintage linens! And she was so sweet to also include the paper folder with vintage ephemera, also! Love it all so much! 💕💕💕
I'm having a huge sale in my Pink Studio Printables shop, and a sale in my regular etsy shop. ALL of my printable collage sheets and images are only $1, and all of my tutorials or printable kits are 50% off until Monday. I've only had a sale like this one other time! My regular etsy shop (Littlepinkstudio on etsy) has a few of my vintage kits that are 20% off as well. (Link to the printable shop is in my bio.) Printables are great for every project from planning to junk journaling as you can print them on sticker paper, cardstock, watercolor paper, or whatever. So yeah, go grab some printables or kit for yourself. 😎😉😙💕
Even though my drawer for vintage boxes is full, I absolutely could not pass this one up. I mean, could you? 😘💕
This little girl and I have been cleaning, and working towards finishing the studio this weekend. (Yes, still. 🙈) What about you? Hope you had a great one!
My reading materials for this weekend. I started and finished Confessions this weekend for my bookclub, @criminallygoodbookclub Loved it! After I finished it, I found and watched the movie with English subtitles online, I liked it that much. It's probably in my top 5 books I've read this year so far.
Earlier this summer my oldest daughter and I took a week and pretended we were at summer camp and did a bunch of random crafts, we made these peg dolls, yarn weavings (which she loved, and I hated), leather crafts, etc. It was a lot of fun, and super relaxing to just create for no reason, let go and play. Wouldn't it be so fun if there really was summer camp for adults? Imagine camp fires, crafts, laughter, nature, and relaxation. I'd sign up every year! 😉
(Swipe to see the other peg doll I made, and my daughter kept, and a tiny bit of the process.)
I almost forgot to show you more of my @worldslongestyardsale finds! I love, love these old books, they're full of great engravings and funny little stories. And this one had the sweetest surprise tucked inside. (Swipe to see what was tucked inside as well as more fun finds) I really did a pretty good job of remembering all that I had been destashing over the past couple of months, and avoided buying things I new I had tons of. I did get oodles of the plastic doilies, so now maybe I'll quit hoarding the others, and the large plastic sign letters in the last image? I bought hundreds of those! No way did I need them all, but they were such an amazing deal, I couldn't possibly walk away. I see lots of junk journal covers in my future, and probably just selling some in lots as well!
Some pretty presents for my Momma. The tote is filled with junk journal kits from @redleadpaperworks and some I made. The rest, just pretty supplies and stuff for her. I'm really hoping she will take some much needed time to take care of herself and do some crafting. Love you, Mom. 💕💕💕
A little something I started on last night. Not sure that the cover is finished yet, and just barely starting on the inside, but feels good to be playing with paper and lace. 💕
A few finds from day one of #worldslongestyardsale . We only went out for a couple of hours the first day. Day 2 brought many more finds that I haven't even taken out of bags yet! The point of spending 2 months destashing your studio is to make room for more, right? 😉🙄🙈 haha, I'm totally hopeless. Swipe for more details. Stay tuned for more fun finds.
Posted: Aug 1, 2017 8:30 PM
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Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words, emails, and even cards from my last post. They absolutely meant the world to us. My husband and I have packed up our rv, and decided to hit the road for a little bit, to get away. I think it will be really good for us. AND, our first stop is the yearly #worldslongestyardsale along #127sale. That's always a great time for us. I'll post pics daily if you want to follow along. Anyone also heading out for this?
But again, thank you again for your kindness! Much love to you all! 😚💕
Posted: Jul 27, 2017 12:52 AM
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We said goodbye to my Grandpa today. This is us when I just 3 years old. He was a WW2 veteran, was married to my Grandma for 65 years, had 7 children, 20 grandchildren, and 32 great grandchildren. My spirit of entrepreneurship came from him. I'm sad, but glad to know he's with my Grandma again. It's been a really hard week, saying good bye is never easy, even though I was blessed to have had grandparents in my life still at 46 years old.
What an unexpected surprise I found in my mailbox! I just love happy mail! Thank you so much, @redleadpaperworks ! I will be adding all of this to my journal! Made my day! 😙💕
Raise your hand if you have a drawer in your studio that contains unfinished projects. 🙋 Now raise your hand again if some of those projects date back about 10 years? 🙆🙈 Sigh. #thegreatstudiodestashcontinues
More pretty, vintage containers that ended up on the "keep" pile.
As you know, I've been destashing, and reorganizing my studio foreverrrr, but I was able to clear out a ton of magazines! I'm a bit of a magazine junkie, and trust me when I tell you there were stacks of them all over my studio. So I went through and pulled out all of the pages, articles, and photos that inspired me, and put them in binders. Now, instead of tons of magazines, I have a couple of binders full of inspiration. Every single page inspires me. I even went a little nuts and organized them by category. 🙈 I made dividers using old photo album pages, a pretty page that matches the section, and just stapled on scraps of old lace for tabs. I also pulled out pretty pages I can use in junk journals and such. Pretty happy with this project. It's like a tangible Pinterest! 💕 #thegreatstudiodestashcontinues
This may be my favorite drawer in my studio. I've been collecting vintage stationery and chocolate boxes for years. My intent was to create inspiration kits in them. Now that they're all organized, and in one place, maybe I'll actually get to that. 😉🙈
PS: I kept my favorites out, the ones I could never actually part with and put them on display. I'll share that as soon as that cabinet is finished.