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@joeyblack30 tat.. We miss you @connorpenhall

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Also a big thanks to all the women who cooked us all food, stayed up the whole 24 hours keeping track of all the times and entertaining us boys through out the windy ass night. #Repost @raydalsoglio
Another Glen Helen 24hrs in the books. By far was the toughest one I’ve ever done. We had a few electrical problems which caused us to race the entire night with a very dim headlight. But we all keep it going and finished in 4th place in pro I believe. Thanks to our mechanics for doing a killer job @sketchy_sage @moosemastermitch @gday795 @mikegellis1 and to @coltonudall and @slamuels130 for putting the team together. @oxmotorsports @honda_powersports_us @stioffroad
🙏🏼 God bless America 🇺🇸 58* but tom can be the 59th
Not the news anyone wants to wake up to in the morning. My brother, future sister, and a lot of my friends left early or said that they’re are okay. My heart is crushed for everyone who had to witness this or who lost their lives enjoying a concert. I can’t believe anyone with a beating heart could ever do such a thing. Hope your brother in law pulls through @scottsaunders08
Baja 1000 is coming up quick! Be sure to follow @oxmotorsports as we race down Baja's beautiful peninsula. Ensenada to La Paz #baja1000
Quick 24 hours in Baja for the Tijuana race to help support my @oxmotorsports boys. @slamuels130 ended up riding every lap each moto and killed it. Our competition added three extra teams to the race to be road blocks and their plan ended up working for them the second moto. Definitely chicken shit but it is what it is. Amped for the Baja 1000 in November. Coming in hot #nashville #OneMoorePenhall
Happy birthday to my brother @andrew_diaz we've been having a blast for over a decade. Thanks for always keeping a smile on all of our faces and for always being so full of life and energy. Love ya brochacho #drewdrewgonnabealright #countrydiaz #myfavoritecrossdresser #hesgonnabepissed #snowbunnies #wheredawhitewomenat
This! Is why you stand for the national anthem! Thank you to the men,women, and dogs who fight for our freedom. 🇺🇸 #usa #merika
I hope @peta presses charges against this Orca.This is what global warming is doing to marine life. I'm blaming this on President Trump. #yesthatsaseal #sendit