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Hayden Elizabeth and Yogurt William enjoying this beautiful Sunday afternoon❤️
I can't believe my niece is already 2 years old! You're perfect in every way, I love you Princess Hayden❤️👑
Someone's got to represent the liberal militia 🤔
And on that day, all of the white girls in the world "couldn't even".....
Yogi Yaffe... I love your rolls and your little snores❤️
I am incredibly fortunate to work for a company that respects a solid work life balance. Thank you #ADP 🤙🏻
Dr. Daniel Rochin..... Holy shit brother, proud is an understatement. You had a dream, you went for it, you worked your ass off, and you accomplished it. Your passion for medicine and helping others is truly one of a kind and I can't wait to have my best friend back in the states! Congrats a million, love you man!!