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Just thinking about my brother today on his birthday. I pray that he continues to do the work of the Lord and smiles and encourages others today. Miss you prophet.
Its amazing that every day passes, and you see people and hear from people and day to day no one reaches out to check up on you. That a picture dictates that everything is alright. For those who dont know i live with bi polar disorder, ptsd, suicidal tendencies. I am a firm believer in God and i struggle daily and sometimes secondly. And between people who call you friend and plot behind your back to being with someone a portion of your life not knowing who you are or ever listening to you, family being there only to make excuses on why they arent there, people talking to you only really being nosey to find out your business, people secretly plotting on sabotaging your relationship, people turning up there nose and placing opinions on my children, living under the poverty line but looking like a million, having major health issues that you havent had the time to follow up on, literally working check to check to support your household knowing that if you stop that it will cause more harm then good I look up and acknowledge that there is someone so much greater and bigger. And when everyone else fails He is continuously in the blessing business. The many nights He wiped my eyes, the many nights he rocked me to sleep, the constant blessings He gives for me and my family, and on and on i could go. This isnt a cry for pity, a plea for attention, i wouldnt even care about likes or reactions. But this for someone to know that mental illness isnt a joke. People talk about people with mental illness and dont even know what is really going on with the person. What they went through what they overcome. This is for that one person whose world is a cyclone of emotions and clearly see's no end. Look up and fix you eyes on God. I know its sounds crazy but honestly He will never leave you or forsake you. And although you maybe mad at your circumstances He still is there with you to keep you strong and carry you out of it. He will listen to you. He won't judge. He will provide for you. He will protect you. He will give you joy. He will give you peace. He will forgive you FOR IT ALL. He will give you mercy. He will give you grace. Just take a second to trust Him...
When this little girl came in to my life she completely stole my heart. I have watched her grow amd become stronger day to day. You see a beautiful little girl, i see that and I see my little girl. Happy 8th Birthday princess. I love you to the moon and back.
First day of school flow.....praying for my babies today. And all the children entering school.....#keepthemcoveredGod
We need to agree on something......please pray say something in reference to the Harvey victims and the soon Irma victims. The other unspoken countries who have been impacted. People are going to sleep and not waking up. Come on now people.