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Olivia just performed in her first marching band competition! They did great.
Ava only asked for one thing for her birthday. A “real” mermaid fin! She loves swimming in it.
Another #hoco2k17 picture, or it could serve as their imaginary band’s album cover. @emmatothepointe
I’m simultaneously celebrating the beautiful young woman she is and wishing I could turn back the clock. ❤️ @emmatothepointe
Ava's first time making #sushi! She plated it herself too. She's my only daughter who likes to cook/prepare food with me.
Photographic evidence of our family bowling night, in which everyone gleefully participated. Including our apartment renter Colin! You may not know the extent of the blessing of this night for our family. #blessed #really
This sweet girl is at her first middle school dance tonight. MY BABY!!! 😭😭😭
Who's on Team "Lotion in Hair Instead of Hair Product"? THIS GIRL! #slickedbackhair #teamforehead
I'm so happy my first attempt at California Rolls was a success! #sushi next time I'll have to get more fancy.
When you go shopping with your college bestie, you try on onesies and text pictures to your 16-year-old.
Well, hello Mr. Mantis. Our family could sure use some prayers! #prayingmantis