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It's a beautiful day in Berlin. Enjoy your Sunday.

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I've just bought RGB4CG by @emiliogomariz for my @framed Excited about this platform.
Spent my afternoon eating #datacuisine vizualizations like this can of sardines with champagne cream. Awesome. #ceranexperience
Strings Attached by @jonaslund But I'm not living in Belgium anymore.
Loving my @knyttanknits scarf! Design one too. Now I want a sweater.
Install @newrafael Chrome extension now!
Virtual Plastic Plants by @kimasendorf only available at DAM Gallery, Berlin
25 years ago, the Berlin wall fell. #lichtgrenze is a 15 km long balloon installation to remember this day. It's beautiful. #fallofthewall25 #fotw25
"Trois ellipses ouvertes en désordre" by Felice Varini in Hasselt, Belgium
I really liked @fjenett his talk at #res14 I would mind driving his "503" vehicle.
Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Here's a reason called Henry.