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Free time + a white dog + red dragon fruit = Pink ears! #hairgoals
Hello to all my beauty fellows in Jakarta!
So my dear beauty embroidery expert Ms.@fenchow from @kliniixslim @kliniixslimeyebrowdoctor will be coming to Jakarta at the end of November for high demand of her services.
She was the one who fixed my 'broken' brow which was done by another beautician years ago. And know what? My brows are still on fleek after 2 years of her magic touch.
She still have a few empty slots for her visit this time. Either for the brow embroidery and the newest magic lips for your super sexy lips.
Please feel free to contact 08116335338 for further information and reservation.
P.s: Price starts from IDR 2,600,000 only!
The most important consideration when we pick where to stay? Reasonable rates 😂
It's been a few days and I haven't miss Kepocat less than my first night not holding his tiny paws.. .
I wonder if he is as happy and healthy as we wish for him now and if he ever miss me like I do miss him..
@arie.santoso298 keeps telling me that Kepocat is still and will always be around, because he left us memories about him all over the house.
I wonder if heaven is not so far away, will he ever come again or just drop us a short visit here?
Final goodbye is never easy. No matter how ready you are for it, there's always a part in your heart longing for more time before you have to say goodbye..
My first-loved-cat has found his way back to Heaven after fighting all his pain these past months... .
Kepo, nanti kalau jodoh kalau kangen dateng lagi, main2 lagi ya.. Jadi kucing lagi juga gpp. Bobo lagi di samping Pumpkin.. Makan ikan tuna lagi ya..
Thank you for coming, you left a paw print in my heart..🐾🐾
How lucky I am to have meet someone that is so hard to say goodbye to like you..
Happy 15.706 days to my bestfriend, my soulmate, the man who is annoying but i cannot help falling into, the man I am married to.
May life be easy and your every wishes come true.
May your birthday filled with smiles, laughter and love.
May you have more happiness, more wisdom, more success, more beautiful beaches, more good foods, and smaller beer belly. ♡
Last night of the trip. Cant wait to go home..
The weather today is as gloomy as me. It has been raining this whole day and we have to fly through huge thick clouds. My thoughts are flying about 3.000 kilometres away from here, wondering how is kepocat doing 🐾🐾..
Blue meets Turquoise and they seems to get along very well.
It's okay, Dear. I' m just hanging out with some deers.
Best of luck bro.. Be the brightest ☆ like the one we saw on our way to the peak last time. ♡