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The underwater Bennetts!

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Couldn't love this birthday boy more. 💙💙
Congratulations to Hallee for finishing the Alpha book! 💗#bennettaracademy #mathusee
Perfect afternoon at the beach. October, I 💗 you.
B&W number 2: Morning hangs with Brody, Scully, and Flat Stanley. 💗 #bennettaracademy #nicolesbwchallenge
Props to my big girl for not only having a great game behind the plate (made 2 outs at home!) but she finally got that first base hit off a 10u girl!! ⚾️ #sdyssoftball
A big ol' "Go Dodgers" from our very social & happy-to-be-in-the-middle-of-everything #Scullythedoodle.
I got tagged by @saretheis for a B/W challenge but since I'm a rebel rule-breaker 😂 I'm not going to be able to post for 7 days with no explanation, because I like words too much! Also breaking the no people rule. Oops. #sorrynotsorry Anyway, Gigi stopped letting me do her hair long ago so I relish the fact that Hallee still lets me most days. She's fierce but also tender, my baby but a bit of an old soul. #halleegirldays #nicolesbwchallenge #girlswithbraids
Tram ride with Yaya at the Wild Animal Park (we'll always call it that 😉). We got to see lots of great animal action, including tiger cubs today (and they looked like stuffed animals! 😍🐯).
These two have my heart. They are currently bickering over toys at home 🙄, but *generally* they have such a sweet friendship. The early days with them being 14 months apart were so hard but what a blessing it actually is to have them so close in age. 💗 Congrats to them on a great first unit and stellar conferences today.
Big day at the #bennettaracademy... these 2 are finally getting to learn cursive! 💗📝 #itsthelittlethings
Current state of our kitchen. (See the progress in my stories!) 🔨💪🏼🎉👏🏼
Unit 1 History in the books. We met up with friends to do some Ancient Egypt activities- gold cuff bracelets, scented oil, writing in hieroglyphs, and a colorful King Tut. Hands-on learning for the win! #bennettaracademy
What a great outing to the botanical gardens today! I love the tropical plants myself but I think the kids were most excited about the turtles & frogs today. This place is a gem and since we don't currently have a membership it was nice to take advantage of the first Tuesday of the month, which is free for SD county residents. #bennettaracademy
Sometimes community looks like catching up on the week and life stories told over sheet pans of loaded nachos. 💗 #community #thefieldscarlsbad
A couple of intense (and GOOD) reads which I'm balancing with Jenny Colgan's The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris and Jenny Han's trilogy To All The Boys I've Loved Before (😍💗😍). #nicolelovesbooks
At family camp this year, one of our teaching pastors taught us from 1 Samuel about David and I've been reading that book ever since. Been loving reading about the beautiful friendship between David and Jonathan and praying for that kind of love in my own friendships this morning. Also, my @foresthomecamps mug is my favorite ever. What adventure awaits me today I wonder? 💗 #makingroomforlight
Group walking selfie (with half our crew)! Fun to be out with friends- dinner at the Carnitas Snack Shack and Citizens show at The Irenic.