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melbell70 275w ago
Storm is rollin in. #nofilter

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My niece packed my lunch and left me a surprise. ❤️ So blessed to have such a sweet and sassy niece. P.s. Yes, the Frozen the Tupperware was full, but this teacher was hungry. 😂
It was a great first day at Camp Eagle! ❤️
This sassy, silly, and sweet girl has my heart. 😘
My number one man and my forever date. I'm so grateful and blessed to be his daughter. Thank you for everything you do for me and for our family. And thank you for taking me out on our beautiful date! I love getting to enjoy sports with you! 😘 #astros #minutemaid #earnit
Lunchable... adult style. Thankful for this beautiful day so I can clear my head during this hour.
This morning I found this poem written by one of my older kids. 😂😂 they crack me up and make my afternoons fun (well most of them 🙈🙊) Enjoy!
When it's such a beautiful day that you just grab your workout mat from the car and lay outside on break. ❤️peace and quiet
When the scratch hits just the right spot... ❤️
This 🎢year is ending! Ready to see what's in store for 2017!
Happy birthday to my amazing brother! You're such a great role model and I'm blessed to have you as my BroBro! Thanks for everything you do! Love you!
Mom and dad are out of town. So my brother left a note in the perfect spot, right next to my child. 😊
She is my best friend, forever date, and my favorite girl. I'm so blessed I get to be her Mini. ❤️
Ready for summer! ❤️☀️
So excited for this package! New powder, mascara, foundation brush, eye pencils and rose water (which I'm dying to try!)!! 😍
Ready to go All In with @crosspointtx. This isn't an easy time but I'm grateful I know God's promises.
My valentine tulips have opened up so beautifully! My favorite little girl has such a good eye for pretty things. Thank you Tin!
A love note written by my favorite five year old (all by herself). I swear she's the sweetest girl ever and I'm so lucky to be her Tia!