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East Parkside // Philadelphia, PA
Hey so the pins (150 made) are back and being sold where I work for $8. The profit is going to Whole Kids Foundation so if your near the Whole Foods I work at (2101 Pennsylvania Av.) than stop by and grab em! **IMPORTANT**, just because I got the pins made doesn’t mean I did all the work. I only did %5 of the work. The credit goes to @manson_starkey for doing the design for this pin, and my past/future pins. Without him I would not get any of these made! Also the credit goes to @nightowlsprint for making the pins! Always turn out wonderful. Lastly, for the peeps that are to far or w/e I got you covered 👌. Basically meaning I got more pins being made to ship.
Kingsessing // Philadelphia, PA
Strawberry Mansion // Philadelphia, PA
Fern Rock // Philadelphia, PA