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User Image casadefallon Posted: Nov 14, 2017 4:17 AM (UTC)
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Y’all we made it to church today! 🙌🏽 Getting two kids dressed ready and out the door before 9am on a Sunday, then add in the fact that the 7 train wasn’t running... we could’ve easily gave up again this week, but we didn’t. We made it out the door before 9am, had breakfast at the diner and we’re only 8 mins late to worship 😬 I wish we got a family pic today, but this will have to do... 😍👑#judeaxton #mywildbird
User Image casadefallon Posted: Nov 11, 2017 9:40 PM (UTC)
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Jayden and i had a date this morning, just the ✌🏽 of us! 💕 #ilovebeingaboymom
User Image casadefallon Posted: Nov 8, 2017 11:01 PM (UTC)
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Sadly, this is the only photo I got from our shoot with Ergo Baby last month on the Brooklyn Bridge! 😭 It turns out they shot the wrong carrier! 😭😭 I’m truly devastated as there were SO many great photos of me and the boys, but alas that’s the price you pay when working with brands, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. At least our photographer was able to share this sweet photo of Jayden 😏 // 📷 by: Noel Besuzzi .
Any photographers up for shooting a mama and two super adorable boys on the Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise?? 😉 My photographer husband doesn’t do well early in the morning 🧟‍♂️🤣
User Image casadefallon Posted: Nov 5, 2017 5:39 PM (UTC)
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Sunday’s are for family and Jesus... although we missed church (again). 😔Luckily Jesus is with us wherever we are 🙏🏽#sundayvibes 📷 by: @taylergolden for @mywildbird
User Image casadefallon Posted: Nov 3, 2017 1:47 PM (UTC)
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Every now and then we could all use a side of 🦄 with our ☕️, amiright?! Now this is how you start a Friday morning! 🙌🏽 I still have a bit of a cough today but trying my best to power through 💪🏽 Super excited to attend a TED Talk by @mindrnyc tonight on Motherhood!!! 😱 Ahhh, one of my dreams is to speak at a TED Talk one day (I’m not sure on what yet) but attending my first, gets me one step closer! 🙏🏽 #motherhoodwingingit #🦄 #butfirstcoffee
🖤💰The Santiago Bandits + our bag of GOLD (Not pictured: Daddy Bandit, but there in spirit) Jayden decide “Grande Theft Auto” was his crime of choice... and while I couldn’t get him to wear his hat for a long and forget about the gloves 🙄 at least he let me paint his face! 👻 #wildbirdhalloween #cdfbeautyhalloween #asantiagohalloween
User Image casadefallon Posted: Oct 28, 2017 4:53 PM (UTC)
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Weekends are for brunch with your BFF! It’s crazy to think, these two have know each other, basically their whole life! 😳 We are so lucky to live in a place like LIC, where there is an abundance of babies (and Mamas) to do life with! #citykids
User Image casadefallon Posted: Oct 24, 2017 4:34 PM (UTC)
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Halloween prep with a few of our favorite books 👻, if only I could get my act together when it comes to costumes. 😬
User Image casadefallon Posted: Oct 23, 2017 12:43 AM (UTC)
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Jayden has a mild case of "hand foot and mouth" 🤦🏽‍♀️ Sooo...we've been laying low all weekend! 😒Thankfully, we have the best daddy/husband around, so being locked up inside a tiny NYC apartment with two kiddos hasn't been too crazy! 😳😬😴
User Image casadefallon Posted: Oct 20, 2017 2:44 PM (UTC)
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How is it already Friday?! 😳 This week flew by.... 💨 Highlight of the week for me? Getting to take Jayden to his first solo class since he became a big brother... Spanish Immersion at @nykidsclub Such an amazing feeling to see him so proud of his "Proyecto de arte". I'm kinda obsessed with the class, he's learning even more Spanish and so is mami! 😘 #nykidsclub #bebéjayden
User Image casadefallon Posted: Oct 17, 2017 6:06 PM (UTC)
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This little guys first tooth is breaking through 😺 And so it begins... the dreaded teething stage! What are your favorite teething coping strategies?
User Image casadefallon Posted: Oct 16, 2017 1:52 AM (UTC)
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The best picture I could get with my both my boys today... 9/10 times Jayden cooperates, but he is still a toddler 🙄, lol! At least I still have Jude... 😍 {Swipe 👈🏽 for more 🎃 cuteness} #jiggyandjuju
We're half way to the weekend 🤗 Can I get an amen 🙌🏽 #mamastired Can't wait for two days in a row, of help from Daddy and hopefully another brunch with my crew 💗 #boymom #eggsyall
User Image casadefallon Posted: Oct 10, 2017 12:58 PM (UTC)
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To love harder 💗 as a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend, I'm a constant work in progress, but this is my focus. #creategood
User Image casadefallon Posted: Oct 8, 2017 8:48 PM (UTC)
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Rainy ☀️day at the @britandco #CreateGood pop up in Soho! 🌈
User Image casadefallon Posted: Oct 3, 2017 7:55 PM (UTC)
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The cutest new cafe opened in our neighborhood today, so naturally we went for lunch. Matcha lattes 🍵 and avocado toast 🥑... yes, please! And the decor is 👌🏽
User Image casadefallon Posted: Sep 30, 2017 5:15 AM (UTC)
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Hi Friends 🙋🏽 Some of you are new here, so I thought I'd take a moment to introduce myself and share FIVE fun facts! •

I'm Fallon, a mom to two adorable little boys 👦🏽👶🏽 (24months and 4months) and wife to my amazing husband (est. May 2015). Basically it's been a CRAZY 2.5years around here 😅 Right around the time that I had my second son, I added a new side hustle to my plate, as if "two under two" wouldn't keep me busy enough. So in honor of my new side hustle, I thought I'd keep my five facts related to my work history. •

1. I worked in the fashion industry for 13yrs, then on my 30th birthday, I quit to pursue a new career as a stylist. Three short months later, I found myself engaged and pregnant, diving head first into staring a family. •

2. I've been blogging in some capacity for over 10years now (4+ years in the current capacity, although I recently rebranded back in Dec). Blogging is hard work and YES It is a job. •

3. In my previous career, I did Voice Overs, produced/stared in training videos, countless forms of content creation and traveled frequently throughout the US, Mexico and parts of Europe. •

4. My first job ever, was as a "sandwich artist" at Subway 🍞 #eatfresh. I was 13 years old 😳

5. My newest gig (besides being a mama to two littles) is slaying 💄 along with a slew of amazing makeup and skincare products @casadefallonbeauty! I began this new side hustle, just three weeks before Jude was born and it's incredible how quickly it's taken off. 😍

So there you have it... there is so many other interesting facets to my story, but this is the cliff notes. Now it's your turn, I want to know, what's your current role in life? Are you a stay at home mom, work from home mom, working mom, or not a mom at all? 👇🏽 Comment below and let me know... Let's get social! **Bonus points if you share your FIRST job! 😄** •

I'm Fallon, a SAHM, blogger and independent distributor for SeneGence. I like to refer to it all as a "slay at home mom" 👊🏽 Thank you so much for being here! I can't wait to get to know you 😘

Okay, now it's your turn.... 👇🏽
User Image casadefallon Posted: Sep 26, 2017 11:42 PM (UTC)
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Just dropped off the boys for a 1/2 night sleepover at Casa de Yaz... while Daddy and I are on our way to see Bruno Mars! 🙌🏽 #firstbabysitter #babiesfirstbottle #jiggyandjuju #disneycars #matchingpjs #brothers
User Image casadefallon Posted: Sep 24, 2017 3:23 PM (UTC)
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...and just like that, I'm the mom of a TWO year old! 😳Happy Birthday to my first born, the one who made me a mommy! I love you ☀️, to the 🌙 and back💞#birthdaydude #twoyearsold