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  Posted: Jul 7, 2012 2:46 AM
10 X-Pro II
#Torah #scroll, circa 1848, Germany. #hebrew #jewish
  • Amazing!

  • Oye vey!

  • @jenjen10 thanks!! 😘😘😘

  • Nice .. Can I screen shot this ..?

  • @siouxzeeque sure! (and thanks for asking!!) if you love Israeli history, you should really visit cincinnati and take a tour (or a week) of where I work. I've probably already told you all this (my memory is a bit hazy recently...), but Hebrew Union College houses the American Jewish Archives and the Klau Library - the second largest Judaic collection in the WORLD - second only to Jerusalem. It's fascinating - the rare book room is stunning.

  • Excellent .. Thx for invite sounds fascinating .. Wouldn't that be neat.. Keep that thought on back burner .. Nite girly

  • @siouxzeeque g'night!

  • Old things have magnetic charms :)

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Dear @teresa.krejci,
I am SO grateful! Thank you, and I LOVE it!! People have been so kind while I am going through this tough time, and I simply can't tell you how much it means to me!! Also - can you teach me from Texas how to male beautiful things?? Gratefully yours,
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Been trying to caption this for over an hour. I look at it and feel all sorts of conflicting emotions: my heart is still broken, I'm trying to heal, do beautiful sunsets bring hope for a new tomorrow, or do they make me feel sorrow because I feel lonely and miss what was never real in the first place? What's the point of missing someone who broke me in half? I deserve better, right - and should I feel inspired by what's new and possible? Will I ever let go? How will I trust? KARMA is a super badass bitch and I hope she doles it out? (Actually - I should have led with the karma bit because it's my overriding thought. 😂😂) I need to be good to myself and stop blaming myself for something that I didn't do. How do find my self worth again? All this noise in my head!!! There's always tomorrow to start all over again with some coffee and Raisin Bran.
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