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"chocolate and milk meet nicely in this shitty roast coffee" #katakana #japanese don't use katakana unless you know what English word you're trying to say
Doesn't look like much but I've been living on this. Plain Oatmeal, cocoa protein powder, a little sugar, a little coconut oil, a little cinnamon. Trust me.
Do not tempt me, O evil Ring of Power! Fried sweet potato sticks in butter and sugar Glaze :c... My diet! I must prevail!! #noms #diet ?!
Super excited to find this bagworm cocoon on the window of a semi fancy Italian restaurant. I reiterate that my girlfriend is the best girlfriend ever cuz I spotted it behind her, said "I'm gonna go look at the bug on the window", and she allowed me to look like a weirdo while she ordered fancy pasta for us. She truly understands me.
Prospective next tattoo design... It's a crow, have to work on feathers and refine some stuff.
Yeah I ALSO #crochet for my girlfriend. Making a blanket thing now. It's not exactly measured and it's not exactly cheap to buy all this yarn, but it's coming out better than the first one. Maybe next time I'll try squares or something.
First section of a blanket for my girl. She wanted yellow. I tried these weird circle squares in the corner and I think it turned out ok so far. #crochet