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international day of the girl - women have been some of the strongest role models in my life. my grandmothers taught me about unconditional love. my mother taught me to be strong in times of hardship and the importance of spreading love to the people around us. i don't have sisters but there are the friends who have provided the same support and guidance that i would have received from a sibling. those that i've known and loved showed me a side of myself that i never knew. i might not always get it right, but i hope that i can one day honour them in the way that they deserve. sorry for the words, i felt the need to say something. thanks for reading, xo
you meet some pretty cool people while hanging around shipping containers - 📸@cleasb
our heartbeats sounded like David's secret chord
I saw Bon Iver last night. I can't say if I've ever been moved by music as much as I was while watching them. Gentle songs transitioned into thunderous rouse of sound as they practically played through their entire 22, A Million album. Seriously, saying it was amazing is an understatement. My jaw was on the floor the entire show. Thank you Justin.
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i was the moondust that shone from your sunlight
you see the sad in everything
i want kanye-level confidence but i cant get past drake-level feelings
i dont know what i want know that i dont know what i want
i'd be happy as hell if you stayed for tea