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In a world filled with hate and confusion, let’s be the ones to share love. This month I’ve witnessed some of the sweetest displays of love and kindness and I think that’s really incredible.
How can you display love to someone today? Lets be a part of the change friends. ❤️❤️
"you're a truuu-uuuue friend" for granting my birthday wish and taking me to Disney ✨ #happiestplaceonearth
thanks for making time for me in your busy LA schedule!! so grateful to be able to catch-up with one of my longest friends 👯
A huge thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate my birthday!! I am blessed beyond words to know these people and to have them doing life with me. #21
Romans 8:28 shares that for those who believe, all things will work out for good. Today I came to a realization that Gods definition of good doesn't always mean things are going to turn out exactly how I want and dream them to be; but as he has planned them to be. And for that, I am thankful.
a daily reminder to {choose joy} in every situation // Philippians 4:4
It's been 33 days since it's rained and because of sunsets like this, I can't say I miss it
pc: @micka1996 aka @theseattlephotographer
congratulations to my two favorite graduates!!! I'm so proud of the both of you!! 🎓
100 days until we live in the same place again!!

Sappy moment: a big thank you to this girl for being there for me in a huge time of growth!! Tara is the epitome of a true friend and I've been really lucky to have her as my best friend and someone who reminds me to lean on Jesus for all I need. 👯