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Wrapping up the week, short weeks always feel the longest. #dfcbmugs #dfcbto

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This is Petunia's standard begging face, I was reaching in my pocket for my keys and she turned on the charm. Note the strong head tilt.
Swedish meatballs. Amaze balls (I don't use that phrase lightly).
Jeans for days outside the Nudie shop in Malmo.
This museum was the brightest I've been in before - and free on Tuesday was a great bonus.
So, Copenhagen might be the top of my beautiful building list. So much brick, so much history. It seems like they've never torn a building down! Anyway, we are staying near the meat packing district - which is way less douchey than the NYC version - and these building really caught my eye. #almostcertainlyhaunted
Late afternoon, either blessed with the weather or apocalypse now...