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ermiegram 275w ago
also keeping, but I did order 1 extra of each to give away to customers :)

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Is it dye or is it 🌅? A moment on some yardage for @jillaikoyee #ermie #handdyed
A couple of the vintage pieces I've been working on- cotton sweatshirt (indigo + bleach + procion) & woven cotton bag (indigo overdye) #ermie #handdyed
Indigo, rust, bleach, procion on a funky structured silk (silk with some kind of synthetic component to the blend) for @jillaikoyee 💙✨🔥💥🌌
Happy with my results in studio this morning even though I'm only getting about 4 hours of sleep a night (thanks, 18 mo sleep regression/ developing toddler brain). I might be delirious. #ermie #handdyed
Rust, bleach, fiber reactive & indigo dyes on vintage & new cotton.
One of my muses, @courtriceatwork at work! She's wearing the #ermie Caftan Tee. Courtney does my hair at her shop @sundaymorninghair. She purchased a building in El Sereno earlier this year, and is renovating the space to open the new location of Sunday Morning (see 2nd photo- it's looking so gorgeous!). The opening party will take place Sunday 12/3, and I'll be participating in the opening by selling my work (like this dress) there in a little pop-up with a few other select vendors. I'll share more details here as we near the event.
Stoked to support this lovely creative woman and local business owner. ❤️Love you Courtney!
Vintage cotton dress from @pleaseandthankyoustore ~ this piece already had a bit of indigo dyeing on it. I thought it would be fun to react to the pre-existing dyeing on the garment. I'm slowly adding layers of color to the dress...#ermie #handdyed
Ever since I gave birth to David I've been preoccupied with the idea of generating less waste. Making a new human generates A LOT of waste. There is so. much. stuff. that one is pressured to purchase as a parent. Most of it is simply not necessary. Hand me downs are wonderful, and we've fully taken advantage of that rather than purchasing brand new things. When we have purchased new items, and we find that we don't need them any longer, we try to give them to another family that does.
I want to try to be more aware of recycling and the amount of waste I generate in my own artwork. I'm very excited about refreshing existing vintage garments by dyeing & altering them otherwise...pictured here is a vintage crochet top & bag from @pleaseandthankyoustore, dyed in indigo.
Scrap tops I picked up from my seamstress Irma today. She's the best- and always thinks of new ways to use every last bit of fabric. #ermie #handdyed
Always worth a repost- along the lines of what I was thinking of earlier in the week. The wise words of Patti Smith: "I’ve done records where it seemed like no one listened to them. You write poetry book that maybe, you know, 50 people read. And you just keep doing your work because you have to, because it’s your calling ... What matters is to know what you want and pursue it. And understand that it’s gonna be hard. Because life is really difficult. You’re gonna lose people you love, you’re gonna suffer heartbreak, sometimes you’ll be sick, sometimes you’ll have a really bad toothache.

But on the other end, you’ll have the most beautiful experiences. Sometimes just the sky. Sometimes, you know, a piece of work that you do that feels so wonderful, or you find somebody to love, or your children. There’s beautiful things in life. So when you’re suffering … it’s part of the package.

I say, stay strong, try to have fun but stay clean, stay healthy, because you have a lot of challenges ahead, and be happy."
I like how this latest dropcloth is coming along...the rust color is actual will probably go through several more stages until it's done...I enjoy snapping photos of the various phases the textiles go through as they develop...
Why do you make work?

I've realized over the years that I'm a happier person when making work. When I don't create, I don't feel totally fulfilled.
I'm going to be honest here and tell you that I don't make a living off of my work. I make enough to keep my projects going. I'm a stay at home mom with a hobby, when I'm feeling cynical. On good days I'm an artist who sometimes gets to share their work with others. Either way I recognize that I am extremely privileged to be able to do this.

If I never sold another article of clothing again- would I keep making clothing? What else would I make? How much does financial reward influence what I make? What you make?

What is it like for you, as a creator? Please share. ❤️
Miri Jane wearing #ermiemamababy leggings. ❤️
📷: @neufus
In case you missed it in my Stories (Can I just confess that I don't love Stories? Thanks.) I just dropped off a ton of new baby & kids clothing and a couple of women's dresses that I made @individualmedleystore for your shopping pleasure. :)
Rust 'dyeing' results. I chose a very delicate woven fabric from @jillaikoyee's studio and colored the yardage with bits of rusted metal I found (nails, washers, old tools, a hubcap) in my backyard studio which is currently under construction. Feels like fall today here in Los Angeles with some scattered showers & wind. This color is perfect for today. 🍂🍁
Dark day.

May all beings be safe from inner and outer harm.