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  Posted: Jul 6, 2012 5:39 AM FEED
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🤤 TFW the dilaudid hits after you get clipped on your fixed gear bike by a 2017 Hyundai on your way to bottle shop, sending a Double ejection Tomahawk over the car for da boys. Stick your elbow through her windshield and land on your ankle and knees. Then refuse service from paramedics, jump in @i_phil 's new whip on ya way to bleed out in a plastic chair at scripps Encinitas ER for nearly 7 hours with an unclean glass filled chunk out of your left arm, a fractured ankle and 2 blown out knees. 🤕 Shouts out to all that love! You guys ARE my flame! 🔥🦁🔥#ItWasAGoddamnPileDriver
So I picked up an OG @trippydana last night. 🔥 feels gewwwd.
...oh and that other time that the crocodile hunter aka @ministeredward caught the serpent after an escape attempt and officially sent that bitch packing to the other side of nowhere.
Posted: Apr 12, 2017 9:40 AM
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Sometimes... when it's a full moon and it is also Taco Tuesday, they call it a pink moon. Kinda neat...
She's like, "hey what's up?" And I'm like "Yea, but, What are you, even?".
#tbt chillin in those haunted woods last Sunday with some feral 🍄 and her.