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Love my Apple Music.. random 80s playlist FTW!
Oh yumm! Making chicken enchilada casserole.. with sauce made from scratch. I added some chipotle chili powder.. my house smells so good right now! I’ll never buy store bought sauce again. Can’t wait for dinner.
Oh, you know.. just hanging out in our charcoal masks, learning how to write code. Friday night at the Bishops. LOL #mymklife #marykaykids
Happiness is, being able to work here. ❤️
My first attempt at zoodles. Really can’t taste the difference in my spaghetti!! #healthyeating
A cup of chowder and a good Zin. This is the closest I have tasted to SF chowder in the valley.🙂 Some people just mess it all up. Oh and the wine selection is great as always. #brewstersgalt
Sitting pretty for once. She’s a work in progress. #daisybishop
Ok Ill admit, it looks pretty good on the TV.. don’t tell Jason how excited I am. Lol #appletv4k #sonybravia4k