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  Posted: Jul 5, 2012 8:27 PM FEED
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Is it getting cold where you're at? Here's a taste of someplace warm - Tel Aviv!
Soldiers on the march during annual "I Love Jews" parade in Jerusalem. Seriously.
That one up front - that's the #Etrog I took for me and the family. Yay Happy #Sukkot - the hut holiday!
Very important we find the perfect Etrog for the Jewish Hut Holiday of #Sukkot here in #Jerusalem
Happy #Sukkot - hopefully this dude found an appropriate Etrog!
Choose Life! Have a meaningful Wham-Kippur! #yomkippur
#TelAviv Ya Chabibi Tel Aviv... gotta change it up once in a while yo! #shabbatshalom
Sunset view of Nachlaot, Downtown #Jerusalem and Old City. Can you see the Dome of the Rock?
Posted: Sep 11, 2017 1:29 AM
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What does it mean for Jewish organizations to be inclusive, pluralistic?
Clearly I am at Café Aroma too often... but the chocolates are for the wife, so...
Pommegranate season means Jewish New Years is coming up!
Tower of David bc who doesn't love time lapses?
Old city backgammon tournament. This chump is going down!