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Old school Chris burks with the reverse off the top. #boogienation #showinghow

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These guys know how to make the most of a wave. @jdhubb photo by @dannywaynekeliiaablack
@budzm showing us how. Thanks @indijahnous_roots for a pic that does justice to the speed Bud is able to harness and control.
Seriously. @dub0 was killing it yesterday. Go to @ryan.moss profile for video of this wave.
@dub0 domination at Pipeline yesterday. Phot by @Chris.kincade 🙌
@dub0 domination at pipeline today. Photo by @jrmaosi 👏
Adam Dumas at Wedge. Photo by Tyler Smith. #bodyboarding
One of the dreamiest shorebreak shots ever. @M_pang photo by the master of light @danegrady