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Heeeeere's PARKER! Our foster pup! He is a very sweet boy. He can't meet Trixie yet because he still has an upper respiratory infection, but hopefully in a few days.

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I'm pretty sure that Parker is the most handsome boy dog on planet Earth. And also, he's the bestest friend.
When the dog falls asleep in your lap, then you know that everything is okay for a moment.
This is 5 minutes from my house. Today was a pretty day! 🌻🌻🌻
Look at her little pink tongue! She's sound asleep and snoring. I love my Penny.
That moment when the boy dog just will not do his damn job and just cuddle! He has chosen to lay at the foot of the bed. Hey Parker- YOU'RE FIRED!
Please caption this photo of Parker.
I might not be living in LA and I wish I was visiting right now, but holy hell this weather is just like my other home. What a gorgeous day!
Nurse Penny is really taking care of me.
Today Parker's ear was very flopped. Hence his nickname Mr. Flop. Also he's kind of a floppy dog.
OMFG, Penny just tucked herself in next to me. I'm not kidding. She put the blankets over herself. I wish I had gotten it on video. She's knows I've been very ill and she's been right by my side.
😂🐶 Penny loves empty toilet paper rolls. She's protecting the house from trucks. Lolol!
Penny is a good friend. My little luv bug. 🐞🐛🐶💜
Please ignore the dirty kitchen floor and just look at the cute dogs.
DO NOT RESCUE ME. I am trapped in a homecoming dog pile. DO NOT HELP. These dogs are loving me to death. I've been gone for 5 days. DON'T SAVE ME. Please do not disturb this beautiful pile of love. Thank you for your concern.