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  Posted: Jul 5, 2012 4:47 PM
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It's a very surreal feeling to see one of your drawings literally come to life. This is the first promotional still released from the horror movie that I'm currently designing a poster for. #art #drawing #illustration #horror #Isabelle #DeadLantern
  • @upsen Thanks, man. If YOUR pictures start coming to life, we're all fucked.

  • @rondellholmes Thanks, man. I was working from a script and a photo of the unfinished mask, so seeing this the actress for the first time like this is a trip.

  • @starrynightgypsy I'll tell you what's NOT dope: #ThatWig

  • It's from Dead Lantern pictures?

  • @thedarkhours Wow, you're the first person to recognize that. Yeah, I'm working for Mat and the fellas. Do you listen to their podcast too?

  • I reviewed their film, Outpost Doom when they first released it on my podcast. Mat and DJ are quite interesting fellas heh heh

  • @thedarkhours That's awesome! I still haven't watched that yet, but I probably should. Is your podcast on Stitcher? I'm always looking for diversions to keep me sane at work.

  • It used to be, at the moment iTunes is the best way. I've been taking some time to regroup

  • @thedarkhours Nice, I'll check that out for sure. I hear ya, man. Nothing wrong with an occasional break here and there.

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Starting tomorrow at midnight at, enter offer code BLACKFRIDAY for $50 off all original artwork and sketch cards. Enter offer code 5FORFRIDAY for $5 off all prints. #art #drawing #illustration #sketchcards #sketchcardart #ink #marker #markers #markerart #copics #copicmarkers #copicart #paint #painting #paintings #gouache #watercolor #prints #printsforsale #artforsale #charliecody #charliecodyart
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