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But, am spending far too much time picking fabrics!! Not sure if I like these together!!?!
  • hollylhj 275w ago

    I think possibly the first and last fabric may look a little put of place? Just my opinion. They're all gorgeous 😊

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Best kind of post to come home to after a long day 😍 I won’t post the inside yet as I might spoil the surprise for club members that haven’t received theirs yet!
Oh it’s like opening a birthday present you know your going to love!!! 💞💗 #crafteratti
So excited, get nelly getting 5 minutes to open my #crafteratti box 🎉
Oh my M&S this sounds amazing 😋
@fabricandflowers @archiewonderdog what do you think of this layout? Darker in the corners and centre? I think it might work
@maryemmens here is 1 & 2 in black and white and @archiewonderdog the last photo is for you 😳
What I was trying to do before I was rudely interrupted by Boris, was check out a few options for layouts for this quilt to get another thing off the wip's list!! What do you think?
Next up......while Rose is in the bath I’d love to get this together finally #crafteratti #jacquip
Strictly on iplayer, a glass of cava and an hour or two of sewing and I have a finished quilt top for siblings together......with a teen holding it up moaning “My arms are hurting, is there not an app for this!?!” 😂🙄😳 just two quilt tops to turn into quilts now!!!
The watch is back, I'm guessing it's a replacement as I've not had an email or message from Apple with what was wrong with it?!? 🍎 ⌚️
Happy 7th birthday @frumbleuk thanks for the lovely giveaway #frumblegiveaway
Tasty and warming speedy spiced prawn soup for dinner, it was so yummy 😋 #5ingredients
Bumpy car knitting, but my dotted rays is coming along nicely 😊 #dottedraysshawl
The randomness of a Costco shop, plus loads of water a tonne of kitchen rolls and loo rolls 🙄
I'm sewing for the second time in a week 🙌🏻 and I've got the most beautiful sunset 🌅 and strictly on iplayer 💃
Day 24 Your sewing machine: I sew with a Janome Memory Craft 8200QC called Susie (after my dressmaking godmother) and I love her! She's got loads of tricks and massive throat space .....but she does hate bulky seams and has still got a hit and miss approach to buttonholes! I've cleared the decks for the picture but the other picture is what it normally looks like 🙈 I've also got s singer serger and s John Lewis £100 machine (that I started on) #greatbritishquilter #janome
Day 23 favourite mini quilt: my favourite one I made and was made for me! First mini quilt is one I made for @annamariegalvin for a swap and second one was made for me in a swap and literally took my breath away by @snophiejo / @pixieyarn and following on from yesterday's prompt they are both fpp!! #greatbritishquilter
Day 22 fpp or epp? It's fpp for me every time!! I have to be in the mood to do it and then I like to steam through a block. I might swear a lot and get the wrong fabric in the wrong place a lot. But I love the blocks you can create and the accuracy of them #greatbritishquilter
Help!! Any fellow Apple Watch wearers, I've had this series 2 since August and today for the second time it has died at about 80%. Tried to restart it but the bugger won't wake up!!! Do I take it back to the shop I bought it from (not apple) or book an appointment with a non-genius 🙄