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User Image luqe_hakim Posted: Nov 24, 2017 11:17 AM (UTC)
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Nabi s.a.w bersabda:
“Tidak seorang muslim pun yang ditimpa keletihan, penyakit, susah hati, sedih, disakiti orang, derita, sehingga jika sebatang duri menikamnya, kecuali Allah memadamkan dengan itu semua dosa-dosanya” (Riwayat al-Bukhari). #OneSyahadah
User Image luqe_hakim Posted: Nov 20, 2017 4:39 PM (UTC)
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User Image luqe_hakim Posted: Nov 15, 2017 12:30 PM (UTC)
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When the travel bug bites... One of the view during our trip to Milford Sound, NZ.

Am supposed to leave for BKK next week. Attending a close friend big day. But due to work, here I am. And now I'm thinking whether all 'these' are worth it 🤦🏻‍♂️ ps: sorry sahabat 😓
User Image luqe_hakim Posted: Nov 13, 2017 2:58 PM (UTC)
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Throwback 1.5 years ago. Winter 2016. Our journey from Queenstown to Milford Sound. The view was breathtaking. Kalau bro ada time bro upload vid di Milford Sound itself.... adehhhhhhhh demam travel melanda 😩

Ps: vid shaky sebab bro demam time ni. Menggigil sejuk lagi.

@wakajiqq @arifffiqry4444
User Image luqe_hakim Posted: Nov 7, 2017 1:20 PM (UTC)
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Us at Jambatan Kaca (Glass bridge) that connects Kampung Warna Warni and Kampung Tridi...
User Image luqe_hakim Posted: Nov 7, 2017 11:08 AM (UTC)
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#WanderLuqe_IndonesiaYuk! Day 2! Kampung Warna-warni Jodipan and Kampung Tridi (3D) about 700 meters from Alun-alun Malang. It's a colorful village with lots of wall drawing. As you enter the village you can see how the people there live. You'll actually go into their home! They are nice friendly people.
User Image luqe_hakim Posted: Nov 6, 2017 6:06 AM (UTC)
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Breathtaking view of the conference venue and our accommodation. We are now on top of a mountain at Batu, Malang. The journey was challenging and we slept all the way here 😩 our flight was at 6 and last night we slept at the airport.

User Image luqe_hakim Posted: Oct 27, 2017 10:23 AM (UTC)
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Rindu bagai nak gila... #TassieSick

September 2016. Tessellated Pavement, Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania
Hello again Pattani!
This newly built skywalk is located at Pattani Public Park and is opened to public for free! Breathtaking view!


Competed in the 2nd PPSPA (UMT) - SAT (PSU) Inernational Staff sports day. We won tennis and basketball tapi lain tak menang 😬 sekali depa hantar player number one uni for other games. But nevertheless it was a memorable trip. Lots of fun with my friends. A true team work spirit!
User Image luqe_hakim Posted: Sep 23, 2017 6:43 AM (UTC)
25 Clarendon
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"Dan kahwinkanlah orang-orang bujang (lelaki dan perempuan) dari kalangan kamu, dan orang-orang yang soleh dari hamba-hamba kamu, lelaki dan perempuan. Jika mereka miskin, Allah akan memberikan kekayaan kepada mereka dari limpah kurniaNya kerana Allah Maha Luas (rahmatNya dan limpah kurniaNya – pemberian-Nya), lagi Maha Mengetahui.” We can plan, but indeed He is the best planner... Onto Him we shall put our faith.
2 Muharram 1439
User Image luqe_hakim Posted: Sep 4, 2017 2:50 PM (UTC)
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Bridge ahead! 8455km away!

#Throwback winter 2016 #JaulahRamadhanHAL #WanderLuqe_MiddleEarth #NZInvasion

I need this!

Nowadays it's more like busy days ahead 😩
User Image luqe_hakim Posted: Aug 31, 2017 3:13 AM (UTC)
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Tasik Kenyir viewed from my flight window. The photo was captured early morning today.

Happy 60th Independence Day Malaysia! 🇲🇾 You have come a long way since 1957. There are still lots of room for improvements. But nevertheless, you have been good, you have survived some of the toughest challenge. There are still many challenges ahead, but we can face them as long as we unite regardless of race, color and religion.
May He protect this nation and its people.
#BangkitBersama #SehatiSejiwa
User Image luqe_hakim Posted: Aug 7, 2017 7:34 AM (UTC)
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Turtle swimming happily at Bidong Island.... Photo was 'grabbed' from a gopro video recorded by Aiman Syafiq.
User Image luqe_hakim Posted: Aug 5, 2017 3:29 PM (UTC)
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Congratulations to all my ex diploma students who have successfully earned a place to further their studies at bachelor's degree level. Pada yang belum berjaya, insyaAllah teruskan buat rayuan, ada rezki nanti tu.

As what I've told my students thousands of time... Allah knows best. He puts us at the right place and at the right time and with the right person.

Well at this moment, I think I'm the one who needs to reassure myself that I've made the right decision to come back... 😅😅😅
User Image luqe_hakim Posted: Aug 4, 2017 7:34 AM (UTC)
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Me and my favorite element... Pulau Bidong after 6 years...
User Image luqe_hakim Posted: Jun 28, 2017 11:25 AM (UTC)
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Eid day 4.

Membawa kapal datang berdagang,
Kapal dari Inderapura,
Datang bukan sebarang datang,
Datang untuk memula bicara
User Image luqe_hakim Posted: Jun 26, 2017 4:13 AM (UTC)
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Pibeseday Matriye Bro!

Bila next trip Teletubbies kita? Wakakakakakaka
User Image luqe_hakim Posted: Jun 20, 2017 10:39 AM (UTC)
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Tak pernah tak rindu... hari hari rasa nak balik... Sydney Opera House - Oktober 2016 'Maka sesiapa yang berat timbangan amal baiknya, maka mereka itulah orang-orang yang berjaya.' |Al-Mu'minun : 102|

User Image luqe_hakim Posted: Jun 18, 2017 9:44 AM (UTC)
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'And spend in the way of Allah and do not throw [yourselves] with your [own] hands into destruction [by refraining]. And do good; indeed, Allah loves the doers of good.' |Al-Baqarah : 195|