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Fall foliage, my favorite time of the year! ✨🍂🌕
Here we are together on the last warm summer eve in September, before the winds changed and blew crisp autumn air over the farm. That's what I love about New England seasons, the constant change & shifting helps us evolve and breathes new life into our bones, again and again and again. ✨🍂
There is something special about the way the sun shines it's light down on this place ✨🌻
I want to remember her picking flower petals on a warm summer-like evening, her second September earthside ✨🌻🍂
The cooler weather brought by the end of summer always fuels my creative fire 🔥.. creative projects look a little different these days as they are more in the realm of sewing then metalsmithing, but I am having sew much fun! ✨🌱
The glow off the beautiful timber frame loft that is being built out for my sister & her husband to live in. I am so excited to be living in close proximity to at least one of my sisters again, we've lived states away from each other for a few years & now all I have to do is look out my window to see her new home! ✨
Annual Frontier anniversary lunch date with my love ✨
Grateful for you as my partner in this life, thanks for being crazy enough to break us out of the rat race and seek a simpler & more fulfilling life. Waking up each morning to build our farming empire is more then I could have ever asked for! Happy four year wedding anniversary ✨🌱
Morning breakfast vibes ✨ the perks of living in a small space: we eat every meal outside spring, summer & fall! ✨🥑
Fourteen months strong breastfeeding this little one. Being a mama & nourishing my child with my own body has been and continues to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life! ✨🌱 📷: Herb Photography #normalizebreastfeeding #liquidlove #mamabear
Our favorite rooster Stan was found with a broken (or badly sprained) leg over the weekend. He has been resting for a few days & is now enjoying some solitude & meal worm treats as he heals ✨🐓
This girl started walking last week and never looked back! ✨🌱
Things on the farm are really taking shape these days. Acres of pasture are being reclaimed to plant a vineyard & hop yard and we are adding in a few more goats for a personal supply of milk and cheese! We currently have a communal living situation that we've been manifesting for quite some time & I feel thankful to finally have that team of hardworking reliable individuals who are passionate about cultivating an oasis on this little slice of land ✨🌱🌻
This girl✨ one moment she is sweetly giving me a snuggle and the next she is ripping out my hair with a look of delight. Nevertheless, she is full of spunk & sass and I'm so happy she choose me to be her mama! ✨🌱 #letthembelittle #honestmotherhood #oliviaandhersloth
Walking through fields of gold with this little lady! 🌾✨ Baby wearing has been an essential part of life for us over the last thirteen months, I am so grateful that she has been a willing participant & for the extra snuggles! I let her ride in the cart rather then wearing her during a shopping trip earlier this week and she loved it. It brings me so much joy to see her developing independence but I do love that she still wants to be carried ✨🌱 #letthembelittle
Hammock hangs with my favorite (big) human! ✨ grateful for this guy every single day ✨🙌🏻💜
She is at that getting into everything age but so damn cute while doing it! ✨🌱 #childhoodunplugged
Roma tomato abundance from the garden! ✨ this is the third vegetable garden that we've started in the last six years, I've only ever gotten to experience the magic of second year soil once. I'm looking forward to see what the next few years bring for this garden space! ✨🌱🍅
Dewy morning web magic in the mist ✨🕸✨