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The only way to start off a brand new season of #riverdale - munching away on a fridaze, i’m so glad we did this 🌈🍷🧀✨ #fridaythe13th #netflixandchill
Not sure if we indulged or devoured it, but this glorious 🍣 platter was 💯👌🏻 Nothing beats celebrating life together with your loved ones! Happy birthday in advance princess 👸🏻💕 Wishing you all the joy in the world because you deserve only the bezzz ✨🦄🎀🌸🌈💘⭐️ Love you forever more, my one & only fifi, mwah 💋 x
#1 ⛈ tough days✖️last, tough people do🌤
can’t think of a better way to come back strong from literally the worst week of my life - was down with a stomach flu, completely lost my appetite & bed ridden for a good 4.5 days - woke up every single morning in pain and all i wanted was to pack my shit and book the next flight home bcs i just can’t with the independent life any more ✋🏻
but... it made me realise who’s really there for me when i’m at my lowest. thankful to have pulled through with the endless support from my loved ones, thank you for your daily check-ins & well wishes 💓 i even managed to get my sick ass back to work mid week, needless to say - lots of cuddles from my kids missing me yay 🙌🏻
that is all, have an amazing week ahead everyone x
One weekend was too short to relive our old memories but it was definitely enough to create new ones. See you soon claudilocks, I'll miss ya x
Feeling contended after a hearty brunch with one of the sweetest girls, definitely a great catch up that made up for the gloomy weather 🍳🌧💕