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Wearing my favorite shirt and meeting my favorite guys. Pretty much the best ever. #podtoursamerica
Of course we had to mix in some martial arts poses this morning. Warming up for KickPics!
I'm free! I mean...first day! We're all excited!
Turns out kids change a lot in 6 years. #whoknew
Another tournament in the books! Love these little ninjas.
She dressed herself to accompany me to volleyball. 😳
Ok, so they aren't monsters ALL the time then. Fine.
Chase lost BOTH of his top front teeth today and now he matches his sissy. (I'm sure he'd like me to point out that he wiggles and forced the second one out)
Papa Mike would be so proud. I wish he was here to see their excitement.
You better believe I squealed like a little girl. #justhereforShawn
At NKOTB concert making friends. This has to be the friendliest event ever held here, a bunch of 30-45 year old, giddy moms reliving their teenage years.
It's like I can see into my future. #6goingon16
Poor Chase is feeling left out of the tooth fairy visits. Lately has lost 4 teeth and he's still only lost 1!
Today isn't directly for him but I hold a place in my heart for the brothers in arms that he would have remembered today.
Guys. Kate looks like she's wearing costume hillbilly teeth. It's so gross, send help.
If it's not one thing it's another. Kate went bowling today and tried to use the pink ball. The pink ball weighed 13 lbs and she pinched her finger under it trying to pick it up. 😳
Yesterday I held a baby and didn't feel a single pain to have another! It's really impressive because this particular cutie is the most chill cuddly baby ever. I think I'm finally "over" baby fever you guys.
Another school year in the books! On to 3rd and 1st grade for these two!
Kate got to do a board break demonstration at her field trip today. You can't tell by her reaction here but she was so damn proud of herself when she went back to her seat. I'm really glad she finally decided to start training.