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cuteem 2w ago
Cheeto and I went to Repticon today! Needless to say I think o was the only one that had their lizard in a stroller with an outfit 😂 #repticonbaltimore #beardeddragon #crazylizardlady
cuteem 21w ago
Cheeto has become so spoiled rotten that he won't eat out of his bowl and only eats if he is hand fed. What have I done... 🤦🏻‍♀️
cuteem 27w ago
Cheeto had a good time with the Easter bunny 🐰🥕🦎 #hoppyeaster
cuteem 29w ago
This really must be the fountain of youth. Cheeto is the most active I've ever seen him 😊
cuteem 33w ago
Cheeto is all smiles about his fountain 😁
cuteem 33w ago
Cheeto and Frito are chasing waterfalls this morning 🦎🦎🌊
cuteem 35w ago
#tacotuesday with the best Valentines date - my mom! I have so many things to love and appreciate not only today but everyday. 💕
cuteem 35w ago
These came out so berry nice! 🍓🍫💋
cuteem 44w ago
I got an early Christmas present today! My wonderful Dan took our baby Cheeto to see Santa today while I was at work! Cheeto looks like he had a lot of fun #mostwonderfultimeoftheyear 🎁🎄
cuteem 45w ago
...and visions of mealworms danced in his head 🎄💭🐛#beardeddragon
cuteem 46w ago
Poppy and the Parade. Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃
cuteem 47w ago
I waited all summer to finally touch this! Isn't it "bee-utiful" 🏃🏻‍♀️🐝🐝🐝
cuteem 50w ago
Yesterday we welcomed little poppy🌸 and princess peach 🍑 It has been very hard without HaHa but I think she sent us these little bundles at the perfect time to celebrate my mom's birthday. It has been a very happy weekend. ☺️