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Found a matching pair of a planter and a cookie jar? I'm not sure what they're for, but that's how I'm planning to use them. Signed and dated '76.
Thrifted a little studio weed pot and wooden cutting board. Smalls!
Recently thrifted this large woven basket, making it number six or so in my ever growing collection.
Been looking for a utensil holder for the kitchen for far too long. Finally thrifted this studio ceramic piece that matches our crazy turquoise counters. Someday we'll replace them. Sigh.
Spotted one of my weavings out in the wild (in a beautiful kitchen) via @newmadela with thanks to @amsterdammodernhp for carrying a selection of my weavings (including this guy) in their shop.
Always inspired by this Romeo Reyna weaving when I'm in a funk (and man, I am in one hell of a funk). Also, there's one of Jeremy's plants.
I just yelled at Jeremy, "there's too many goddamn plants in here." I stand by it. Someone convince him to stop buying plants. That's how our day is going.
Woot woot! I have four vintage Verner Panton style S-Chairs available for sale. Heavy duty and great for indoor or outdoor use. Please DM for pricing and details.
Shop update! This large weaving just came off the loom and is currently relaxing in the CAMP SHOP (link in bio / Made with vintage thrifted wool and cotton, as well as love, this piece is 18"x24" and ready to be shipped. Plus domestic shipping is always free!
Found a basket at the thrift store that will now hold my remotes. Victory.
Freshly woven Rose Quartz wall hanging just listed in the CAMP shop (link in bio / Small in scale and sweet enough for a nursery.
The den and the goddamn wainscoting. Get a rug, dammit.
This large minimal weaving from a few posts back is finished and listed in the CAMP shop. (Link in bio / It's the first weaving I've made after finding out my favorite cotton fiber was discontinued. So I experimented with some wool as a replacement...but it's just not the same. I'm inconsolable, yet still on the hunt for a similarly thick cotton perfect for fringe and chunky texture. Material woes.
We've been touching up paint around the interior of the house and the area around the hang-it-all was looking especially tore up after eight years of use. Now it's so fresh and so clean!