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jmed1988 276w ago
My little cousin at #tunnelpark getting #burned and #tan
  • Cuties! 💙💙

  • jmed1988 276w ago

    @makeupmayhem 🙉 thanks beautiful! 😄

  • jmed1988 276w ago

    @honeybeeswag thanks! 😄

  • Im curious what does ur tattoo mean?? @jmed1988 btw I really like it!! Its awesome..soo creative & unique

  • jmed1988 265w ago

    @enjoying_life247 Hey! Thanks! It's all about my family. The top part talks about my wonderful niece. The left, about my dad and the right, about my dad. The bottom part is about my sister. The middle just says I love my family in Chinese mandarin. I'm planning to do a lot more work. It's addicting!!!

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This is what I wake up to almost every morning.. it’s the best I love it!
Ezra is giving me the stink-eye for interrupting his sleep all for a pic with shadowfax lol... I love him!
Ezra James Medrano! Can't get over the fact that your here with mommy and daddy! We love you!
165lbs... after seeing the olympics i tried doing these and they're hard! Haha
I know it's terrible form but it was fun trying these. Can anyone guess what these lifts are called??
Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone! It means a lot!

Turning 28 and almost 30 is kinda scary but the thing that keeps me up beat all the time is my lovely wife, dog, and my soon to be... baby.
I didn't stutter.. we're having a BABY!!!!! This is the best birthday ever! Haha
I'm going to be a dad!
It's crazy how god works! I've been at very low points in my life and to see it turn a full 180 is just amazing. I'm so excited for this journey with my love.

All the honor and glory to God.
#babyMEDRANO2017 #vanillabean
She was standing on a ledge. She's not taller than me. We're the same height haha. Repost from our honeymoon in Mexico. :)
Hahaha she got stuck all by herself... Oh wait so did I! On our way to cancun and our honeymoon, and they decide to separate us :(
Still can't believe I'm married to the love of my life! #vanillabean
A little zip lining... This was pretty fun :)
Doing wedding invitations and rsvp letters on my weekends... Two hours have past since we started... @lumberjackie410
It's a bittersweet moment. I'll let this old watch rest in peace. But I'm SUPER excited that my babydoll decided I was deserving of this :) #applewatch #merrychristmas #oldfaithfull
Soon to be father in law hooking it up with some start wars passes.. SWEET!! #starwars
jmed1988 101w ago
So I just got engaged to my best friend and the woman of my dreams! It's official! Couldn't be more ecstatic!!
jmed1988 103w ago
A little Vegas themed birthday party with the love :) @lumberjackie410
jmed1988 112w ago
Our competitive nature was brought out during mini golf. It was fun and I won 😊. @lumberjackie410