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sometimes people tell us things we don't want to hear, and we don't want to hear them because they're often the truth
I couldn't have conjured up the feelings Bali would bring me even in my wildest of dreams.... in Spring 2018 I'll need to relocate out of Thailand due to visa allowances, and I'm really intensely thinking Bali is the next move for sure. This place is a haven for incredible food, artistry, music, hospitality, comedy, passion, and so much more.... and not to mention, this place is home to some of the most beautiful people I've ever met. I feel such a strong pull to this place. #waitandsee
First night in Bali and I fulfilled my dream to see Barong dancers! There are 2 videos in this post as well, I took them mainly to capture the wild talents of the musicians. This dance was so utterly captivating and impressive. From the hair and makeup, to the outfits, to the stunning music. I was in awe. They aren't the best videos and barely do the dance justice but I wanted to share because I truly admired the performance so deeply.
Anyways, ever since seeing the film Samsara, which showcases incredible footage of traditions and cultures around the world, and featured a stunning piece on North Indonesian Barong dancers; I've dreamt of seeing their colourful outfits and hypnotic dances that tell a story.
In the videos, we were at a particular part of the story about good vs. evil. These dancers represented "good." In the first video, wait til about halfway, I was so stunned watching those musicians manipulate those instruments in such a synchronized manner, it was so incredible to watch.
Sorry for the lighting; it was so hard to manipulate with all the stage lights.. but I had to share the first video because it really shows the talents of the musicians about halfway through... overall the lighting was quite shoddy in both but I just needed to share these as I really admire the dancers and musicians and their passion and dedication, and it was a major goal of mine to see them. There's also a video of the female dancers in my story! 😬💃🏻💕 #barongdance #barongdancebali #ubud
Sometimes horrific things happen to good people, and sometimes incredible things happen to bad people, and more often than not, we don't know people at all. #LLjones #thatsmypoetname #ijustmadeitup
ya I'm not tanned and I live in a tropical place, I'm super productive alright 🛌😴🙄🤔
Despite the oceans between us and our ever changing lives, I still wake up from dreams where I can hear your kind laugh and see your inquisitive eyes, and feel your soft hand in mine, and in those moments, for a second, I feel I once had a home, and I'll cherish it forever. #LLJones
#2016Reminisce My next stop on my trip last year was Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.... coincidentally where I'm currently sitting on a 7 hour layover right now. I only had 24 hours in the busy metropolis that is known as KL, but I used all my time in the best way I thought possible; spent at the infamous rooftop infinity pool at the Regalia Suites. I highly recommend all travellers try to make it here. Similar to and often mixed up with the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, I just had to make a stop here. It was so serene and beautiful up there for sunrise, and I was all alone too! All these photos were taken with timer on my iPhone 7 Plus. I miss my crazy hair! 🔥 I decided to post the KL photos together since I was only there for a day.
#2016Reminisce It's hard to narrow down my favourite things about Nepal. I can't decide between the restaurants that are just inside people's homes; the humble attitudes of the intricate, hardworking, guitar-strumming Nepali; or rooftop cafes located 5000ft above sea level! Here's a combination of two. This rooftop bar was the roof of somebody's house located off a small hidden dirt path that I found by following signs that said "Chai Tea ➡️." Following the signs for about 5 minutes I stumbled upon a 4 story home where I was led up a spiral staircase to the rooftop where a very happy old Nepali man served me some of the most incredible homemade chai milk tea I ever had! The photo doesn't do it justice and wish I'd taken a better one, but this rooftop was located 6500ft above sea level and the views were unreal! On another note, I'm currently en route to Sri Lanka from Thailand, and I'll be there for the weekend! Since I'm doing this photo series from my trip in 2016 for a while, I'll share some of my Sri Lanka photos on my story and then post in a few weeks or something. xx
#2016Reminisce Today marks an entire year since I quit my jobs and decided to see more than I'd ever seen before in my life. I embarked on a journey with a plan to immerse myself in a number of countries over a span of a few months. My first stop was Nepal. Nepal is so underrated. It's stunning hilltops and valleys, the humbling people with their love for guitar and chai milk tea. Nepal was such an incredible place to begin my journey. I plan to return someday, of course; to learn more, see more, appreciate more. But for now, I'll be sharing 3 photos of my Nepal trip to reminisce on its beauty, and then I will do the same for the other countries I visited. I posted one the other day of me and my Dad, we'd met in Nepal after we hadn't seen one another in 12 years. And here's my second photo, flying into Nepal. Full of nerves and wonder and curiosity and excitement, and a really intense sense of calm understanding overwhelmed me those first few days. I felt quite lonely and sick the first 48 hours, when I'd realized the weight of my decisions to leave my whole life behind, but those feelings quickly turned into a resilient confidence that came with the beauty I was surrounded by.
lol I look weird and maybe I sound silly and cliche or something but I think it is so wild to dive deep into what a parent really is. A human that physically created you out of (for lack of a better word) basically nothing. My family has been through and still experiences a multitude of ups and downs but I do often thank my lucky stars to have the two parents that I do. Today marks my Dad's day of birth; the day where he came into this world so many years ago. A boy was born that would later be known as the highly intelligent, kind, eccentric, understanding man I call my Father. He was born and went on to live a life of oddities and extremes and he could tell enough stories to last until the end of time. I love you very much and I wish you the best on this special day Daddy. Happy Birthday to you 🎂 throwback to our time in Nepal, almost exactly one year ago.
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what if you stay? don't go.
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Losing someone you couldn't have dreamt losing so soon even in your wildest nightmares is like being plucked off the planet & left to live in a shell. I don't know how to say all this without sounding so cliche or like a broken record. I'm having a hard time accepting that I've lost someone who cared so deeply about me & understood me & stood by me. Those people are hard to come by in life & now I've lost such a special one. So think of the people that truly matter to you & made a difference; people that have helped you in times of need & love you unconditionally. Try to think back to people that were in your life always & helped you through anything. People that made you laugh & smile from way deep down within. I have sat & screamed & cried & pinched myself for the last 12 hours, wishing I'd spent more time with him, realizing that at least now I know to spend more time with the people I love and if I ever meet somebody like Matt again I'll do everything I can to keep our bond strong and alive.. but there won't be another Matt, someone that cares for me the same way. Matt was so unique. He'd talk to anybody. A cashier, a bus driver, someone walking by, he said hello to everyone, with a smile. He would truly listen to what you said &!when he spoke it was with purpose. Matt was a real amazing human being. He wasn't like anyone else I ever met in my life. I'm not just saying this shit. He CARED about what you had to say even if he'd just met you moments ago. He wanted to listen & he wanted to hear your thoughts & your opinions. I will try my very best to live with him in my heart & soul everyday. I miss you so damn much & can't believe that you're gone so soon. I thought I'd be 50 & calling you and asking you to come help me fix my garden, or to just come have a cup of tea. I never could've imagined a life without you before yesterday. When I was finally able to, I opened our message history last night. I was delighted to see that the last things we ever said to one another was "I love you"...... we really truly did. So, people, talk to somebody you love today, really talk to them. I wish I could.
Rest in Peace Mathew Copeland.
I could've never imagined a day would come when you asking me to make you tea was not possible anymore. I've never lost somebody so close to me and any coping mechanisms that should kick in are entirely not in place and all I'm doing is looking at our old photos together so here is the last photo we took, on the day before I left for Thailand, when we got breakfast. I'll miss you so much for the rest of my life. Thank you for everything you did for me. I'll never forget the hours that turned into days worth of you helping me with my most monotonous and tedious chores, or the time you biked 40 minutes to bring my bathing suit to the swimming pool after I'd forgotten it, or how you always told me I was the most beautiful girl in the world. My family. I never got to say goodbye and I never will. I really wish I could've been there for you Matt. I'm sorry. What I'd do for more time.