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User Image arlie14 Posted: Nov 20, 2017 12:41 PM (UTC)
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No LA visit is complete without a stop @innout. This double double, protein, animal style really hit the spot!! Still hoping that one day they will open in Chicago... #🍔 #🍟
User Image arlie14 Posted: Nov 20, 2017 2:56 AM (UTC)
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arlie14 13h ago
Meat sweats to a whole new level at my favorite #KoreanBBQ spot. @baekjeong_la #galbi #chadol #🤤
User Image arlie14 Posted: Nov 19, 2017 9:56 AM (UTC)
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Wishing my bestie (aka breast friend) the most fabulous birthday!! Its been over 17 years since I first met you and I can’t tell you how lucky I am to have you in my life. You are truly a beautiful human being inside & out. This is just a collection of random memories throughout the years. I love you Sunhee to the moon and back. #hbdsunhee #love #bestfriends #breastfriends #bff #besties 💗💗💗
User Image arlie14 Posted: Nov 18, 2017 10:34 PM (UTC)
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When I heard @dominiqueansel opened a new shop in LA, I had to squeeze into my food trip. Loved LA’s first cronut flavor of the month!! {White Peach Muscavado with white peach jam & muscavado ganache} #🥐🍩
User Image arlie14 Posted: Nov 16, 2017 6:32 PM (UTC)
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Just landed in sunny LA and my first stop is @ruttshawaiiancafe, known for this Original Hawaiian Royale. Generous helpings of Portuguese sausage & char sui Chinese BBQ pork over eggs & white rice. I literally just closed my eyes and savored every bite. 🤤
User Image arlie14 Posted: Nov 15, 2017 10:23 AM (UTC)
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That one time when @seewillnow ruined my instagram eating selfie. 🤣 #partyforlife #charitygala #stjudes
User Image arlie14 Posted: Nov 14, 2017 1:36 PM (UTC)
17 Juno
I can feed an army with this vat of mapo tofu. 😋 #homemadewithlove #tofuislife
User Image arlie14 Posted: Nov 13, 2017 12:28 AM (UTC)
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Culver’s is definitely my guilty pleasure whenever I leave the city. Nothing beats butterburgers, fried cheese curds, fries & turtle custard!! 🤤 @culvers #🍔 #🧀 #🍟 #🍦
User Image arlie14 Posted: Nov 11, 2017 11:30 PM (UTC)
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We came for the cookies!! #🍪 @undergroundchi Throwback to last weekend’s festivities celebrating @sunheelovelee’s birthday early with @jeanro!! #goals #🙅🏻‍♀️👌🏾 💗💗💗 Thank you @appetite_4_adventure for including us at the table!! #baller #undergroundelite #👯‍♀️
User Image arlie14 Posted: Nov 9, 2017 1:48 PM (UTC)
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User Image arlie14 Posted: Nov 8, 2017 3:19 AM (UTC)
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My heart skips a beat every time I eat this chicken fried rice @benihana!! So garlic buttery and delicious!! Mmmmm!! #🍚
User Image arlie14 Posted: Nov 6, 2017 12:42 AM (UTC)
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Not only is this cake one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, but it’s made with lots of love by my gorgeous and talented friend. I love you so much Sherrie!! Thank you for making me feel so special. 😘
User Image arlie14 Posted: Oct 31, 2017 5:55 AM (UTC)
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You had me at short ribs. 🤤 Congrats on another year of #michelin ⭐️ @bokachicago!! Enjoyed every bite of my birthday dinner. 😍