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All eight mazes (plus drinks at Moe’s) in under four hours. Front of the line badges for the win. #halloweenhorrornights
Earlier today had my mind melted by Grady Hendrix for his new book @paperbacksfromhell. Pardon the angle; @booksoup is small and Grady packed the house. Still, he was awesome enough to address our side of the room equally and pivot when necessary so we could see the awesome slideshow he had provided for his macabre and hysterical tour through horror paperback history. Get this book ASAP. I now want to read every title in it! #GradyHendrix #PaperbacksFromHell
If you’re looking for a neat Halloween costume this year, get Lasik surgery! You’ll wake up the next day looking like a zombie! #horror #halloween #zombie #lasik #whathathidone
Guys! How’d my LASIK surgery turn out??
After twenty+ years of dealing with contacts, finally getting LASIK today. Wish me luck!!