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#throwback to Abang Harris and also behind Izza got jin toncet is looking at a non-existent camera and I look like @_nikkitan's big sister ready to bring her out to play
Thank you to my family for your constant prayers, my atuk rarely smiles in photos but he did today hehe 😊
Bachelor of Communication with Distinction, ya girl did that 🙌🏽 Praises to Allah for everything, bye education #imout
Congrats babe @firdasamat may your marriage last till Jannah and please let's meet before u leave us for the land of baguettes ❤️ thank you for the invite and the food was so good 10/10 would recommend Sri Anggun 💯
Look at me smiling before I got myself injured and needed stitches 🙂
"You put up your defenses when you leave, you leave because you're certain of who you want to be" All-time fave from @bastilledan ❤️