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Those Last Night Vibes:
Dinner 🍽 & Dancing 💃🏾
Spontaneous brunch that leads to water views. Sometimes amazing friendships come out of nowhere. @tylerhohoho - she is a keeper this one! #hellowinter
I think someone is second guessing being part of this family! #youdonthaveachoice
Let me introduce you to this incredible creative team I have the privilege of leading! They made Easter happen from planning to execution! Truly the best is yet to come!! And what an incredible God we serve!! #whatateam #victory
Thank you to everyone who helped celebrate my birthday. From dinner on my actually birthday with some of my fav girls @katiemendis and @hazel0301 to lunch with the funny @sarahgohjacob and Fischer boys. And then to this bunch @jannamaree @tashielaing @jessefisch @aaron_fischer @danicalee who threw a surprise dinner for me! I'm ever so grateful and blessed by these people I have the privilege of calling friends! #happybirthdaytome
HAPPY BIRTHDAY my love!! ❤️💥😘 You are all things amazing and sweet! Can't imagine how life was before you but all I can say is, it is such a blessing that our paths crossed. Who knew that, that cute little Meriden girl would one day become one of my closest friends.
Thank you for loving me in every season and I'll always be your biggest fan. #happybirthday #remembermewhenyourefamous @jannamaree
Happy Birthday to one part of the trio! The one who can't remember lyrics and has endless capacity! Love ya stinking face! @aaron_fischer Little Fish you are pretty awesome too! :)
As our season in youth has come to an end we pass on our babies (Central House, Events & Summer Camp) to the beautiful @tylerhohoho ! We are beyond excited and proud of what she is going to bring to these areas. She is so faithful, loving, fun, has a beautiful spirt and a genuine heart to see young people become all that God has called them to be. The best is truly yet to come! Tyler you are going to dominate - Aaron and I are super excited and proud of you!
Another Summer Camp complete! And the tradition finishes here, Summer Camp 2017 was life changing and ground breaking! What an honour it is to be trusted with such a task. It has been an incredible journey seeing young people's lives changed and transformed time and time again at numerous summer camps! God is truly faithful!

It's been so much fun planning 5 maybe 6 of them (we can't seem to agree how many) with this guy @aaron_fischer aka my partner in crime! Faithful, reliableand easy to work with! #thebestisyettocome #imstilltheboss #summercampwillalwaysbeourbaby
HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS to an incredible individual who I have been blessed to call a friend for years! Katie you are seriously an inspiration to me. No matter what the season brings, you continue to be faithful, kind and gracious. I have loved watching you step into what God has to called you to. But what I love most about you is the girl that steps on the platform to lead our youth, young adults and church is the exact same girl behind the scenes. Thank you for always supporting me, pushing me to be better and kicking me up the butt when I needed it.
Since we suck at taking photos together I thought I would throw it back to the time you decided to dress up as @jasonmendis for a birthday party! Haha! Such gold! ❤️ you girl!! Xoxox