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JP Morgan Challenge ✅ Fastest Pace of the season (so far) 30:14 (8:39 pace) ✅ Squad Goals ✅
Congratulations @danjb95 🍾 !'m so proud of you bro! You may have graduated but always STAGS UP 🤘🏻
Yesterday it was officially 1 year since I ascended from the nest at Saint Joseph's University into the real 🌎. I remember feeling incredibly grateful and blessed for how SJU shaped me into man, provided me with 4 years of memories I'll never forget and helped prepare me for my career in commercial insurance. Today I have donated 20.16 to what I call "One of the greatest places on earth" it is truly an honor to be a Hawk If SJU blessed you consider making a small donation at #THWND
Happy Mother's Day @mombuono ! 🌹 Thanks for always being my rock! I always enjoy dancing with you!
Deductible Dash with the RMI & 63rd Guys ✅ 27:13 ✅ 🏆💪🏻
Another father son hockey game in the books. Until next time #LGR
Congratulations Dad on receiving the Eugene A. Toale Memorial Award for your continued promotion of education and professional development in the insurance industry. I throughly enjoyed spending my first day off from work celebrating this day with you!
A wonderful week of training at the Chubb Hotel & Conference Center. One of the highlights this week was taking my new colleagues from the U.K. out to the Bayou. #RuleBritannia🇬🇧
It was a beautiful day on Lake Keowee today. Now only if I could've found Dabo's house on the lake I would have yelled "DABO HOW 'BOUT THEM TIGERS!!!" 🐯