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More posts from this user Carolina. Born in NYC. She has been an actor and model since age 9. Met as she was headed home to chill. Ariel. Born in China. She has been living in NYC for 3 years now. She is an intern, as well as student studying film at Berkeley college in NYC. Met as she was out buying something for her boyfriend. Shantell. Originally from London, she is an educator, musician, and artist, known for her works with thick and thin black lines on a white backdrop. On this day I stopped by to give her a hand with her computer, had tea and caught up on each other’s lives. Kat. A model based out of NYC. She showed up as I was taking snaps of her friend. Ella. A model. She has been living in NYC for 7 years. Spotted while waiting for my friend for our monthly afternoon tea. She was also waiting for a friend. Elle. Born in Japan, a web developer for the last 5 years. She has been living in NYC for the last 2.5 years. We met as she was headed to a function. Taylor. This is the second time we’ve met. Spotted her around the latter part of spring this year. She is originally from Brooklyn. Tash. Australian. We first met earlier this year when she first moved to NYC. We’ve kept in touch and hung a few times. This day we had tea and caught up on each other’s lives. A fashion designer making her way in NYC. Anna. A shoe and accessory designer based in NYC. This was the second time we ran into each other on the week this images was created. I had photographed her earlier this year. Testing out my light and camera set up before I started my day of shooting. Didn’t get to chat with her I was trying to get a shot of her dad as he was trying to console her older and younger sisters as they both cried while sitting on his lap, she walked up to me, stood in front of my camera and gave me this face. I ended up doing a portrait of the family. Bryan. Originally from Ocala, Fl. he is a US Marine. We met as he was headed back to the container for the US Marine at Photoville. NYFW. This was taking during the two days I was at NYFW. I remember asking her to stop for a snap to which she said she was in a rush, but she slowed down enough, spun a few times and I managed to get three shots of her. I get her info as you can guess. Candyken. Born in Austria. He traveling NYC for a month. A performer and musician. Sophie. From St. Louis. Working as a model and in retail. She has been living in Brooklyn for 7 months now. Met as she was heading to grab a meal. Marie. From Russia, living in NYC for 2 years. She is a photographer with Getty. We first met during NY Fashion Week and then ran into her as she was waiting for a friend. Karol Marie. Originally from Kentucky, lived in NYC for 13 years before moving to Los Angeles. She is a model. Taylor. Born in Brooklyn, NYC, and working for a non-profit organisation. She is a student and aspires to becoming a humanitarian. We met as she headed to pick up something during her work break. Annie. From Shanghai and has been in NYC for 3 months. Works as a freelance project manager. Headed back to Shanghai soon after we met. Paris. Born in Calgary, Canada. She is an Individualised Studies student at NYU with a focus in feminism and body politics. This is her 2nd year in NYC.